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Your movies need music – here’s the company that’s helping

In the magical world of movies and TV shows, music plays an instrumental role, setting the mood, evoking emotions, and adding depth to the visual experience. But for many musicians, having their work featured on the big or small screen remains an elusive dream. How do artists navigate this intricate process and maximize their chances of landing that coveted sync placement?

“Honestly there has been no set process for getting recommended for sync placement (music added to TV and Video). It has been an added benefit for Artists that sign contracts with large publishing companies or with a label that also has a sync promotion division. Getting your music featured in movies and TV shows can be a game-changing opportunity for musicians, and it can help many musicians pick up fans at critical points in their careers as well as pay revenue for extended periods of time. Who wouldn’t want this? But, all of this required strong human connections with music supervisors who found new music for their entertainment clients. It was a niche business based on human listening. Now, with new companies using AI recommendations for Independent Artist communities and catalogs, the chance of being heard as an independent is rapidly getting better. It still takes attention to writing and creating great music and songs, but many more artists will now be discovered through new technology, and in many ways it will cause the overall business to grow,” explains Incantio CEO Danny Newcomb.

How can tv shows/movies benefit from utilizing your platform to source music?

Newcomb continues, “At Incantio, we use a music-to-music-to-music-based search engine that only requires genre hashtags. It is not based on 5, 9, or 20 tags or metadata inputs. If you load a song for a search, a wav file, or an mp3, we can provide as many matches from our independent catalog as you want to listen to. It is based on Listening! We believe that all the film and video people that we talk to will be so much happier using our system because it is about listening, not searching visually, and not typing. We are also building a constant stream of Independent Music. We are not buying songs, not aggregating a static catalog (old model), we are operating as a pass-through service for our content creator subscribers, providing them with a wide range of new music from communities that can be geographically searched by region or city, and most of it that has not been used before.”

One of the profound changes brought about by platforms like Incantio is the emphasis on ‘listening.’ This shift from mere visual cues and metadata searching to an auditory experience is not just revolutionary but also goes back to the roots of what music is all about – the sound and the emotion it evokes.

“We want to connect you with the best independent music creators that we can. We want to provide a granular location search method that helps you find authentic artists, and help you source that perfect composition for your visual art. We’ve heard it said that the right piece of music can be 70% of a great scene, and this is the value we want to help you find. Our song-to-song music search, and availability of pre-licensed, original music that is not owned and not fixed in a library is a new kind of artist-to-artist catalog. Remember, Incantio was started by Independent artists for Independent creators,” states Newcomb.

The landscape of sync placements is evolving, with technological advancements bridging the gap between artists and filmmakers. As platforms like Incantio usher in an era where discovery is based on listening and genuine connections, musicians stand at the precipice of a golden age where their creations might just be the heartbeat of the next cinematic masterpiece. Embracing this evolution will not only benefit artists and creators but will also enrich the audiovisual experience for audiences worldwide.

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