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Are you ready to stalk the stalker himself? Pull down your baseball caps as we head into everything *you* need to about "You" season 3 on Netflix.

Everything *you* need to know about Netflix’s ‘You’ season 3

Season 2 of You dropped on Netflix the day after Christmas—just in time for a post-holiday binge. But even so, fans can’t get enough of Joe Goldberg’s stalker-y, murderous ways. 

The 10th episode finale of season 2 of You foreshadows a season 3 comeback—just as Joe (Penn Badgley) discovers a new object of his sadistic affections, raises his kill count to a shocking eight, and enters into suburban bliss with Love (a name that’s a bit on the nose, eh?). 

But as much as we need a third season right now, there isn’t much information as of late. However, in a recent interview, Penn Badgley let it slip that he’ll return for further episodes—and quickly backtracked, claiming his statement wasn’t an official confirmation. 

So as we anticipate the future of You, here’s everything we know about its third iteration.  

The third book is in the making. 

You is based on a series of books by author Caroline Kepnes, with the first season recalling the first book and the second season based on its sequel, Hidden Bodies

Although a release date for the third book hasn’t been set, Caroline Kepnes’s Twitter feed can confirm its existence. Which for us, means Joe’s rampage is far from through. 

The show recently received a huge tax credit. 

Which is apparently very, very good news in the streaming world. While receiving a tax credit doesn’t secure a renewal, it helps a series become more financially advantageous. In other words, the producers of You are confident in the success of the series. 

There could be a looooong wait. 

You sseason 3 is currently in production over on Netflix. What we do know, however, is that it’s taking its sweet time with filming. Also, well, COVID. The production had to be shut down twice due to, well, COVID. The show may have wrapped season 3 in May 2021. But we’re still going to have to wait to see when a release date for You season 3 to hit Netflix is possible. Either way, it’s promising to be very a creepy way to say “hello” to Joe again.

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