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if you’re ready to put in the time to watch Yang Mi in C-dramas, then here are some of our favorite series from Yang Mi.

Yang Mi’s best TV roles ever

Are you looking to learn about Yang Mi? While the actress is one of the biggest in China, we’re working hard to get recognition across the world. If you’ve already checked out the list of her best films that we’ve talked about previously, then here are some of Yang Mi’s best television roles as well.

While Yang Mi is definitely a presence on the big screen, most of her fame comes from her diverse array of television roles over the years. So if you’re ready to put in the time to watch her C-dramas, then here are some of our favorite series from her.

Palace (2011)

Do you like historical dramas? What about series with time travel in them? Then Palace will be the perfect series to check out. This intensely popular series follows a 21st-century woman Luo Qingchuan (Yang Mi), who accidentally travels back in time to the Qing Dynasty during the reign of the Kangxi Emperor. While in the past, Luo Qingchuan meets and falls for eight prince Yinsi (Feng Shaofeng) and fourth prince and future emperor Yinzhen (Mickey He).

What follows is a political drama, time travel, romance drama, and more as Luo Qingchuan learns the true darkness that lies in the history books. Palace launched the majority of its cast into stardom and was an immensely popular series during its 35 episode run.

There was a sequel series in 2012, Palace II

The Interpreter (2016)

Based on the novel Translator by Miao Juan, The Interpreter follows Qiao Fei (Yang Mi), who wishes to become a French interpreter. When she meets famed translator Cheng Jiayang (Huang Xuan) at her waitressing job, Qiao Fei and Cheng Jiayang get off on the wrong foot. When Qiao Fei gets a chance to work at the Institute of Advanced Translation, she and Cheng Jiayang find themselves having to work together in close quarters. 

The Interpreter proved to be a popular romantic drama while it aired its 40+ episodes in China. It drew in the highest viewership of the year and also got a spin-off with The Broker

Negotiator (2018)

Negotiator stars Yang Mi as Tong Wei, who is a brilliant corporate negotiator. Tong Wei is hired by Xie Xiaofei’s (Huang Zitao) company to protect their interests at the negotiating table. Xie Xiaofei, however, has little interest in the family business and takes out his frustrations on Tong Wei. Things, however, take a more romantic turn. 

Negotiator is another romantic drama for Yang Mi, who seems most at home in these sorts of shows. It was a highly ranked show during its 43 episode run of the ups and downs of Tong Wei and Xie Xiaofei’s relationship during its airtime. Plus negotiation isn’t really a career often explored in television, so points for originality on that front.

Legend of Fuyao (2018)

Yang Mi stars in this series based on the novel Empress Fuyao by Tianxia Guiyuan. Legend of Fuyao follows Fuyao (Yang Mi), who was formed from a lotus blossom borne by the Ancient firmament. She grew up a slave with her adopted brother (Zhang Youhao), but then a series of tragedies lead Fuyao to journey across the five kingdoms in order to find her true destiny as the Lotus Princess and to bring peace to the land.

Legend of Fuyao is 66 episodes long and absolutely dense, but the storytelling is fascinating and the costuming is beautiful. Yang Mi definitely steals the show in this lead role of the series. 

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