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Gambling around the world sounds like fun. Take a look at the top gambling countries and plan your international gambling trip.

World Top Gambling Countries

You need to understand how gambling works in your geographical location. Also, getting to know which country gamble the most or has the most gambling affiliate platforms is crucial. Exploring countries where individuals feed off gambling will help you sort out the issue of gambling jurisdiction and peradventure you’d like you to travel out sometime. It will come in handy. 

Here is a list of countries with high gambling activities:

  • Australia

Australia ranks top of the list. It is mostly referred to as Gambler’s heaven, as it comes with all manner of fun and entertainment. With a wide variety of online gambling games to pick from, like slots, pokers, betting, and lotteries. Suppose you are looking forward to winning a considerable amount of money when it comes to gambling. In that case, Australia is top of the list. Impeccable gaming experience. 

One of the reasons why it’s rated top is also because of its no-tax-on-winning policy. A regular Australian finds no fault in spending a fortune on gambling. It’s more like a way of life for the gamblers. 

  • Singapore

Although there are restrictions to gambling in Singapore, it’s still booming, with online gamblers making massive incomes daily. Before you can access any casino, especially on an on-land casino, you need to pay a hefty sum of money. This could be discouraging but, the fun fact is that you get to make even more once you kick-off. 

Like Top Dog Casinos, they help arrange various online casinos according to countries and with impeccable reviews and distinguishing features. On average, the cost of gambling in Singapore is estimated at $1100. 

  • Ireland

Online casino arrived in Ireland a few years back, but it’s now almost all over the country. Its popularity keeps increasing by the day. There’s a famous saying that “the only thing that keeps an Irish man on his toes is greyhound racing.” 

This is to emphasize the level at which gambling is in Ireland. There’s, however, a chunk of significant betting market in Ireland that grows by the day. Ireland and gambling and online presence when it comes to gambling place Ireland at $600 per year. 

  • Canada

Canada is a country famous for its gambling liberty as well as its population. 75% of Canada’s population encompasses lotteries, bookmakers, and online gambling activities. They serve as a way to increase the movement of funds into the national budget. For every gambling game won, you get taxed. 

Hence, yearly spending of about $570. Canada is one of the leading gambling countries in the world thanks to regulation blended with innovation. At least 76% of adults in Canada engage in one form of gambling. Representing about 30 million Canadians as of 2017. The overall Canadian betting industry is estimated to generate at least $15.5 billion per annum. 

The gambling industry has also seen a jump due to online gaming becoming very popular in recent years. Nowadays, there are many options available online, with some allowing players to play slots and games with much lower amounts. At these low deposit online casinos in Canada, you can start playing with a much smaller deposit compared to land-based casinos. Needless to say, this makes playing in an online casino much more appealing for casual players.

  • China 

Be sure to note that gambling is illegal in China. Macau, on the other hand, has managed to become the only haven to gamble. An estimated amount that takes 50% in volume represents Macau’s revenue from gambling. A record-breaking amount of approximately 38 billion dollars was made in 2018. 

As mentioned earlier, there’s a love-hate relationship between China and Gambling, and the main reason lies in Macau. However, there has been a clampdown on cash inflow from China to Macau, resulting in the struggling of most online casinos. 

  • United States

According to statistics, the gambling community in the United States houses at least 1.8 million jobs, and it’s worth 261 billion dollars. However, like in China, most gambling platforms are banned in the United States, but the gambling haven is in Nevada. Many online casinos and on-land casinos are either owned by private organizations or on tribal reserve. 

There are also state lotteries all around the states in the United States. Three states in the United States were the first to legalize online gambling. They include Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey. With online pokers and various casino games all over the states, the overall gambling gross revenue was estimated to be 158.54 billion dollars in 2017 and 161.24 billion dollars in 2018.

  • United Kingdom 

Online gambling has been growing steadily with legislation changes in the United Kingdom. According to statistics, 32% of the population in the United Kingdom gamble weekly. In 2018, 14.4 billion pounds was made in the gambling community. When it comes to gambling regulation, United Kingdom tops the list. 

Hence, it is regarded as one of the giant online gambling countries. You can check more countries with online casino gambling activities on You also get to gamble for real money on your mobile phones, where you get to play online casino games on the go. 

  • India

India is one of the fastest growing online gambling hot spots. A trusted Indian casino source lists all the best casinos available in the country. Every one of them is a place that you won’t want to miss.

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