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Is Madge finally a billionaire? Let’s take a look at her net worth and see just how close she is. 

Will Madonna become a billionaire this year? Guess her new net worth

Ever wondered how Madonna, the celebrated music icon, etched her name among the stars? How does a rebel singer from the early ’80s shape the music landscape, break barriers, and build an empire of fortune around herself?

Let’s take a look at her net worth and see just how close she is. 

Unyielding titan

Madonna, the American musical supernova, boasts a net worth teetering at the colossal figure of $850 million. Famous for consistently pushing boundaries in her music, lyrics, visuals, and fashion, Madonna is the undisputed queen of pop who’s left an indelible impact on the industry.

Her journey to fame accelerated in the early ’80s, marked by her debut album in 1983 and her subsequent groundbreaking performance of “Like a Virgin” at the MTV Video Music Awards a year later. This display was an unforgettable shock to the system, sparking controversy and becoming one of the most referenced moments in the history of the VMAs. The daring performance established the essence of Madonna – a relentless boundary-pusher.

Over the years, Madonna has released 11 more albums, breaking sales and chart records and embarking on numerous tours, with her “Sticky & Sweet Tour” marking the highest-grossing tour by a solo artist in history. You could be forgiven for thinking that tour alone made her a net worth worthy of billionaire conversations.

However, the rumor mill doesn’t spare even the queen of pop. A misinterpretation on a fan blog in 2013 propelled the illusion that Madonna was a billionaire. The reality check? That $300 million gross revenue from her MDNA tour isn’t equivalent to $300 million added to her wealth. So, let’s put the billionaire rumors to rest, shall we?

Aside from her outstanding music career, Madonna has also expanded her portfolio into the world of cinema. She directed two films and has made numerous acting appearances, even bagging a Golden Globe for her performance in Evita. Truly, she is a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry.

The scare

We recently learned from Page Six and BBC that Madonna had been hospitalized due to a health scare. Fortunately, she’s now back home and on the mend. The superstar was admitted to the ICU and even became unresponsive at one point, but our beloved “Material Girl” is now alert and recovering.

A source revealed to CNN that Madonna was transported back to her NYC residence in a private ambulance, while her children were spotted visiting their recovering mom. The health scare, we learned, was due to a strenuous rehearsal schedule for her upcoming “Celebration” tour that led to her being admitted to the ICU.

On hold

Sadly, this means Madonna’s eagerly awaited tour, initially set to commence in Vancouver on July 15, has been shelved for the time being. Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary, assured us of a complete recovery, but noted that all commitments, including the tour, would be put on hold.

Even as her management team made the call to halt performances, the undeterred star was ready to get back to rehearsals. As the pop diva recovers, we eagerly await the resumption of the “Celebration” tour.

Will Madonna continue to astound us with her resilience, returning stronger and more resolute to continue her reign as the queen of pop? As we await updates on her health and the rescheduled tour, one question lingers: what’s the next boundary Madonna will push? A net worth of billionaire status?


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