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We’re going to join the headlines with Lourdes Leon. Why are so many people talking about her? Get the details on her latest fashion statement!

Why is everyone talking about Madonna’s daughter Lourdes?

None of us can deny the great shifts in social norms later generations may grow up with. When it comes to such topics as gender and sexuality, earlier generations were taught that it’s sort of black and white. There’s boys and girls, gay and straight, simple as that. We, however, know that nothing can’t be further from the truth. In actuality, gender and sexuality respectively are a spectrum that was never so black and white to begin with. 

Every now and then, someone reminds us of the changing norms around us. What really defines a culture? And what’s going to be “normal” for later generations? This wasn’t meant to be a political piece and it still won’t be. We’re going to join the headlines with Lourdes Leon. The world knows her as Madonna’s first-born child. But she continues to make a name for herself in the fashion scene. 

People haven’t been able to stop talking about Lourdes but why? It definitely has a little something to do with her appearance as she arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on Monday for her first time at the Met Gala. Her mother wasn’t in attendance but we are our own people after all, no matter how famous our parents might be. 

People can’t stop talking about her because Lourdes made a memorable statement of her own. 

Leon Lourdes

Born October 14, 1996, Leon Lourdes was born to Madonna and her then boyfriend Carlos Leon. As a child, Lourdes had been making regular public appearances with her mother at several events. She got the chance to travel the world including going to London with her mother, where she was enrolled into a French school with her step brother. 

Today, she’s an actor, model, and fashion designer. She’s been studying performing arts at the prestigious University of Michigan, and keeps a healthy relationship with both of her biological parents. Lourdes made her modeling debut when she appeared in the ad campaign for Pop perfume. 

When Lourdes was born, her mother said in several interviews that she felt blessed with the birth of her child and it was a new life altogether for her. Thoroughly knowing the cons of the celebrity lifestyle, Madonna aimed to keep her daughter away from the limelight, looking for a career in either law or accounting. But Lourdes’ interests were in everything her mother was famous for.

By the time Lourdes was thirteen years old, she had developed an exemplary fashion sense. Witnessing her daughter’s intense fashion interest, Madonna sought Lourdes’ help while she was designing clothes for her brand called Material Girl. It was inspired by the ‘80s fashion and became very popular once more. 

Fashion surprise

At the Met Gala, Madonna’s daughter Leon Lourdes showed some skin in a sparkly fuchsia Moschino by Jeremy Scott ensemble. Complete with a bikini halter top and matching skirt, both were cloaked in sequin embellishments. Her outfit might not sound much different from a lot of other articles worn at the event, but this one came with a little surprise for the audience. 

Lourdes’ memorable statement was made by posing in the bold ensemble with her unshaven armpit visible as the sky. Additionally, hairstylist Evanie Frausto molded the model’s long sleek do using products from the René Furerer STYLE collection. 

The surprise appearance came after the September issue of Vogue for their feature story, Generation America: The Models Changing an Industry. Lourdes told the magazine, “People think I’m this talentless rich kid who’s had everything given to her, but I’m not. A teacher of mine made me understand movement in a whole new way.”

“You’re using your body to define the space around you 一 to change it. That’s a very naked form of expression.” She added. 

How do you feel about Lourdes’ surprise look? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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