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What is the Best Location to Install the Outdoor Unit

When putting in an air conditioner, most people only think about where to put the indoor unit, rather than the outdoor unit. Questions like these are what we hope to address in this section.

The external unit can be mounted on the balcony or roof of the building. As long as there is enough room for ventilation and the unit can be reached for servicing, any of the available choices will do. The question then becomes where to put it. There are a few crucial elements you must guarantee before settling on the best place.

Important Factors to Think About When Picking the Spot:

1. Availability of Space:

First, there needs to be enough room to set up the outdoor unit. Put it somewhere that is neat, dry, and airy. Putting it in a garage or other enclosed area is not an option. In order to function properly, it needs to be set up in the open.

If you want to put your outdoor unit where a lot of other people have already put theirs, but there are already too many of them there, keeping a safe distance from other ODUs is a must. There are too many outdoor split AC units concentrated in one area.

Instead of putting your ODU in a cramped room where other ODUs are also maintained, you should look for a more suitable location for it. For any issue related to Aircon, you can reach out to as they provide the best services. ensures that your Aircon last for years to come. 

2. The Flow of Air Is Not Blocked:

The area where you plan to keep the ODU should have adequate ventilation. If you want to keep the air flowing freely from your outdoor AC unit, you should give it at least two feet of clearance on all sides.

If you’re going to be wall-mounting your split AC ODU, leave some clearance between the unit and the ceiling for optimal airflow. We recommend keeping it at least an inch away from any flat surface, including walls and ceilings.

It shouldn’t be placed directly in front of the fan side of any other ODU, and should instead be kept some distance away. Otherwise, warm air could be sucked into one outdoor unit from another outdoor unit. This will prevent the air conditioner from functioning properly.

3. Indoor and Outdoor Unit Distance:

There is a maximum allowable distance for copper wiring between the indoor and outside unit. This varies depending on the maker and the country of use. Find out what the firm’s maximum duration is by contacting them.

As copper piping from indoors to outdoors lengthens, cooling efficiency decreases. Compressors experience an increase in both of these factors when forced to work with lengthy piping systems. In this case, the shorter the copper pipe runs, the better. 

4. Regular Maintenance and Cleaning of Your Air Conditioner:

The air conditioner’s outside unit must be easily reached by the service expert in order to be serviced. Checking and servicing the AC might be a pain if it is in an inconvenient location, such as too high up on a wall or in a crowded area. A convenient location is essential for an outside unit.

Best Suitable Location:

1. Placing it at Top of the Roof:

In most cases, an outdoor unit will be placed on the roof. The rooftop is merely a base upon which to set the outdoor unit. An outdoor AC unit might be more secure if you place a metal support or rubber pads underneath it. Vibration and noise from compressors can be reduced significantly with the use of rubber cushions.

The roof location of the outdoor unit is not ideal because it is constantly subjected to harsh sunlight. Air conditioners are constructed to withstand all kinds of weather, so this shouldn’t be a problem. A small amount of more electricity is used, but cooling efficiency is decreased.

2. A Balcony Setup:

Also a common spot to install the outdoor unit. A wall bracket is required for wall installation. Some head space below the ceiling is required for proper air circulation. By placing the ODU on the balcony, we can reduce the workload on the AC unit by shielding it from the sun.

This is the most effective method of making use of air conditioning in a room that is situated adjacent to a balcony. However, if your room is located far from the balcony, the installation of the copper pipe may necessitate the piercing of multiple walls.

It is recommended to place the outside unit on the balcony rather than the roof if you happen to live on the ground floor of a four-story building.

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