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When Cardi B released her new song “WAP” with its erotic video, the internet lit on fire. Here are the WAP memes that we can’t stop laughing at.

Ready your “WAP” with these fresh and fun memes

When Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion released their new song “WAP” – the internet lit on fire. With its exceedingly raunchy music video, people were divided online. Was it too sexual to be empowering? Is it just a straight up bop with a NSFW video?

The “WAP” video perhaps became even more popular because it features Kylie Jenner – the youngest among the Kardashian clan. While some blindly follow the vapid socialite, others have called her out for appropriating black culture. Kylie’s presence in the video has led people to ask – is Cardi B supporting Kylie despite the accusations? 

Regardless, the “WAP” video has inspired a lovely assortment of wicked memes. Aren’t memes the best way to handle controversy? Here are the WAP memes that we can’t stop laughing at.

RIP Cardi B

Cardi B may have made a song with millions of YouTube views, but that doesn’t mean her music is loved by all. You either love her or hate her. This meme clearly doesn’t favor her by any means.

 Wet putty-tat

It’s cruel to get a cat that drenched Cardi B! The poor thing is shivering. 

Michael Scott dance party

Oh, you know Michael would love this song. That is if he could get through it without giggling too much. You can always rely on The Office memes to make pretty much anything better. 

Let’s torture Ben Shapiro

If you haven’t seen Ben Shapiro’s reaction to the video – you have to see it. He reads the lyrics but keeps using the “P-word.” It’s so cringey it’s amazing. Maybe if feminists move their thang, Shapiro will finally get what the femisist movement is about. 

Shapiro hates Squirt

We pity Ben Shapiro’s wife. 

Behind the door

The WAP video makes Kylie’s walk up to the door so slow & suspenseful, making us all super curious about what’s in that room. While some, of course, think it’s a kind of innuendo about the bedroom – we really like this innocent interpretation. 

Get TF out

Slayed! This woman just WAPed Kylie in the face with the door like a boss. Why wasn’t this a part of the video to begin with? That’d be a great political commentary.


The odds that Kylie was headed for a bathroom are good – at wild parties you always have to locate the bathroom. And there’s usually a line too. So, wait your turn Kylie! Don’t just barge in! 

Seriously Kylie – GTFO

That’s basically what happened. An awkward, unwelcome cameo. What was she even doing there? Increasing the view count? 

Not safe for parents!

Don’t play “WAP” at work or when your parents are around. Spare yourself that extreme discomfort. 

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