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Vape is getting more and more popular with each day. Find out how to bring vape to a non-vapers party by clicking here.

How to Bring Vape to a Non-Vapers Party

Do you consider yourself to be an avid and professional vaper whose lifestyle is unique? If vaping is the part of who you are, it’s only natural that you want to take your premium vape flavors with you whenever you go out. 

You’ve been invited to a party hosted by people who don’t share your interest in vaping. Unlike your usual vaping parties, where you can see dozens of vapers with new mod models, competitive vape rings, and fantastic vape flavors, you’ll have to play it cool. 

You can bring your vape probably, but the chances are that not everyone will gladly try a vape or two. Since etiquette is everything in these situations, let’s see how to bring your vape to a party full of non-vapers.

Prepare Your Party Vape

Everything starts with a thorough preparation of your vaping gear. If you want to show off in front of non-vapers like a real vape expert, the last thing you need is a battery failure or a vape juice leak in the middle of performing a cool trick. Simple preparation and a bit of forward-thinking should do the trick and leave you fully prepared for the party. 

Check Your Equipment

Check your vape, take it apart, clean everything, and make sure you tighten all parts properly. This will help you to ensure your vape is leak-free and air-tight and allow you to chase your clouds throughout the night without any problems. 

You can’t perform vaping tricks like a professional if you have a leaking vape or blow big clouds of thick vapor if you cough all the time. Check your gear to make sure it’s in top shape before you start showing off your flashing vape mod.

Bring Spare Batteries and a Refill Bottle With You

Since you’ll be going to a non-vapers party, no one will be there to lend you a battery or a refill bottle if you run out of vape juice. On the other hand, the chances are that some of the first-time vapers might fall in for vape clouds after trying it for the first time. 

However, you take it, have a spare battery and a refill bottle with you just in case. Who knows, maybe your vape becomes so popular with other partygoers that it would be a real shame to run out of vape juice or power when things become really interesting. 

Don’t Forget to Bring Your Favorite Vape Charm!

If you want non-vapers to fall for your vaping tricks and come to the cloud side to feel the force of vaping, you should dress your vape rig for the occasion. Apply your flashiest skin and upgrade your vape mod with the best charm to show off not only your cool lifestyle but the fact that you’re the king of trends. Of course, you can always take your vape naked if you don’t prefer keeping your vape in a bejeweled belt pouch.

Be Mindful of Others

If you vape nicotine, you should be careful when bringing your nic-vape to a non-vaper party. Check with the host to make sure it’s ok to vape indoors. Some will insist that you take it outside; others will be cool about it. 

Whatever the response, it’s only natural. If you want to share your nicotine-vape, respect other people’s wishes regarding vaping. Non-smoking partygoers will probably refuse anything nicotine-related, while smokers are more likely to consider trying something different. Just be mindful of them all before you hand a nicotine-loaded vape mod to any of them.

Develop Your Own Vaping Etiquette

If you plan on vaping among non-vapers, there’s a big chance that some of them will be curious about your vape, even fascinated enough to ask you to try it. On the other hand, they might also be pretty negative about it. No matter how things play out, learn to be all cool about it. 

Never Vape in Someone’s Face

This one goes without saying, but we decided to toss it in just to make sure. Vaping in someone’s face isn’t only rude and impolite; it can even lead to conflicts and situations you’ll want to avoid. Since you’re here to play it cool and show others how fun and entertaining vaping can really be, avoid blowing your vapor in a stranger’s face. Adapt to the situation in the room and go with the flow. 


Be prepared for every situation. It can happen that your vape becomes a real hit, but it can also happen that people ask you to take your vape outside. Be polite and mindful of others, respect their wishes but be prepared to share if some of them become actually interested in giving vaping a try. After all, that’s the thing with vaping – you never know where the party takes you.

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