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For a musician or music lover, what could be merrier than watching a movie that drafts the things they love. Here are films that feature the piano.

Five movies that will change the way you look at the Piano

Movies change one’s perspective of the way he feels, thinks, and even imagines objects. And this small change can lead to even more significant changes. For instance, the United States saw a significant increment in recruitments for the aviation program after the release of Top Gun in the 1980s; a spike in students’ ambition to become music teachers was observed after the release of Mr. Holland’s Opus in the 1990s. 

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Well, you can see more such examples. Not only these, but people also learn many things from movies. From movies, they learn about technology, science, and what’s more, about law and their rights too.

For a musician, or even for a music lover, what could be merrier than watching a movie that drafts the things they love. And so, here are some of them.

The Competition (1980)

The earliest of all, this movie is about a boy and a girl, starting as two pianists competing in a major competition, who fall in love despite all the conflicts. The movie moves, and so is the love and game between them. See this movie and find out if the love between them was stronger or later won.

The Piano (1993)

A movie created to tell the life journey of a woman. And well, not only the piano, her pretty connection to her daughter, and her prized piano. Well, will the love of a man break the strong bond between the piano and the lady? Watch ‘The Piano’ to find it out.

The Piano Lesson (1995)

Small fights can become significant and even can break family bonds. The story of ‘The Piano Lesson’ revolves around a man who returns to his childhood home to sell the family’s heirloom, a piano and claim his half. 

The sister loves the weighted piano and wants to keep it as a memento for their family. The battle between them ends finally, teaching them a great life lesson.

Shine (1996)

With age, comes wisdom. But well, at the same time, practicing peer pressure is not good. The same is the story with ‘Shine.’ The movie revolves around a great pianist who faces high pressure from his father and mentor to become even greater in this world. 

Amidst all this, the man breaks, only to find out his love for playing the piano and the great joy in life. The guy, played by Geoffrey Rush, won the Oscar for the best actor for his role in this movie.

The Pianist (2002)

‘The Pianist’ is the story of the best digital piano master surviving amidst war. The story tells the situation of war, and not just any conflict, the world war for a Polish-Jewish pianist, surviving the tragedy when the Nazi Regime attacked. The movie star Adrien Brody won the Oscar for the best actor for his role in this movie.

These movies not only fascinate a piano lover but also can make a non-believer fall in love with music. Some of them tell a romantic tale while others speak about life-changing lessons. 

Well, as heart-warming and cunning as these movies are, they will introduce to a whole new side of music and the world for piano lovers. If you still haven’t watched them, why not give it a shot.

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