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If you are looking to gain more views for your YouTube channel, check out some information on when to upload to gain the most viewers.

What is the Best Time to Video Upload on YouTube for More Views

Timing is especially crucial when it comes to Youtube marketing. You must know the right times to post and upload the right things. This timing depends on various factors such as the type of account you have, the type of content you are posting, and the social media platform you are posting it on.

In this article, we will deal with the question of what the best time is for uploading videos on YouTube. The aim is to get maximum views, and timing really helps with that. By uploading videos at the right time, you can convert your video viewers into subscribers.

In addition to getting your timing right, here is another way to get more views. To boost your popularity and exposure on YouTube, you should buy YouTube views from websites like, Viralyft, and This can help you in attracting a wider audience and getting more visibility in user’s recommendation lists.

Be sure to buy real views and only in small numbers so that it does not hamper your channel’s organic growth. Fake views are usually generated by fake and unused accounts or bots, which could lead your channel to get demonetized.

Here are the steps and some tips to finding out what the best time is for you to upload videos on your YouTube channel.

1. Check Out YouTube Analytics

YouTube has a comprehensive in-built analytics tool called YouTube Analytics that can provide you with all the information that you need to learn about your channel’s performance. Using this tool, you can find out the times that your audience is most active.

You simply need to log in to your account, go to YouTube Studio, click on Analytics, and finally select Audience. Here, you will be able to view graphs that show you how your engagement has been, when your audience is most active throughout the week, etc.

Depending on when you want to upload your video, check out the data for that day and a day before and after. If you have two consecutive days of high engagement, it is best that you upload your video on the first of those days. The most engagement a video gets is on the first two days after getting uploaded.

You could also check out the Realtime Activity section in Analytics to know the time at which your videos get the most engagement and views. The revenue that you generate from your YouTube channel largely depends on the time at which you upload videos.

2. Best Times to Upload Depending on the Day

Generally, it has been seen that there are particular times of each weekday when people are most active on YouTube. This also depends on the type of channel you have, i.e. whether it is a business channel, entertainment channel, educational channel, or something else.

Overall, on weekdays from Monday to Friday, most people are active during the afternoon between 12 and 4. This timing works best for business channels. On the other hand, the busiest times on YouTube during the weekend is between 9 to 11 in the morning. Weekends are seen to work better for non-business channels. 

You need to make the most of these timings to avail maximum engagement. In order to do that, you should publish videos at least 2 hours before the time of maximum engagement. 

3. Uploading Vs Publishing

On YouTube, you have the option to choose a publishing time that is different from the time that you upload your video. Due to this, you can upload a video beforehand and then publish it at the time that you want to. 

It also allows you to upload multiple videos at once and schedule them to be published later. All you need to do is select the Visibility tab after uploading your video and select Schedule. Then you can choose the date and time at which you want the video to be published.

This feature helps you to save a lot of time. Additionally, if your target audience resides in a different country with a different time zone, this feature can let you schedule your videos to be published at a time when you may not be available but your audience will be active.

4. Publishing More Than One Video

If you publish more than one video per week, it is best to publish them towards the end of the week. Having a definite schedule for publishing videos can help you create anticipation among your audience and they will wait for your videos each week since they will know exactly when you will publish them.

In addition to weekly days, there is data available that tells us about the months that receive high views as compared to other months. Since most of the users on YouTube are teenagers and young adults, active times are usually surrounding school and college schedules. 

Hence, there is wide use of YouTube during the holiday months, and comparatively lesser use during school months. However, this data varies on the basis of your target audience. 

Posting videos at the right time will let you gain more subscribers and views than posting at other times. If you are new to YouTube and have not used it long enough to view Analytics, you can publish videos towards the weekend, as this is when most people use YouTube.

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