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The world will compete at the Tokyo Olympics, but who will bring home the most gold medals? Peek at Great Britain's odds in the upcoming games.

Britain’s Odds in Tokyo Olympics

Sports fans don’t have long to wait for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic games. After last year’s pandemic-related delay, it feels like an incredibly long time since there was an Olympic competition. The pandemic is still playing out across the globe, and it will have impacts on the upcoming games. There will be limited spectators and much more stringent cleanliness and social distance restrictions than athletes may be used to.

Despite those restrictions, athletes & fans alike are thrilled for the Tokyo Olympics to get underway. The summer Olympics will see the return of fan-favorite sports like baseball & softball, as well as the Olympic debut of skateboarding, surfing, karate, and rock climbing. Team U.S.A. might come out on top with medal wins, but the odds behind countries like Great Britain, according to this UK sports betting guide, look good, too.

The Tokyo Games will likely be the source of much more betting than past Olympics. They are the first Olympic competition taking place since the U.S. Supreme Court allowed nationwide sports betting with their 2018 PASPA decision. Everyone has their eyes on the odds, and different sources are making predictions about how various countries will do in the competition. Come take a look at the latest projections.


Team U.S.A. is expected to bring home quite the pile of gold medals. Their odds in the men’s basketball competition are -370, a reflection of the all-star basketball team, led by Kevin Durant, that they’ll be bringing to Tokyo. The women’s basketball team representing Team U.S.A. is predicted to perform even better. Their odds are -1250, as the team, led by Sue Bird & Diana Taurasi, is expected to crush their competition.

There are bigger splits between the odds for Team U.S.A.’s men’s and women’s teams in other sports. The U.S. men’s soccer team isn’t expected to make it that far up against bigger competitors like Brazil & Spain. The women’s team, on the other hand, is expected to go just as far, if not further, than the U.S. women’s basketball team. Odds are they’ll be taking home the gold in the competition.

Great Britain

At the Rio Olympic Games in 2016, Team Great Britain won in spades. In total, Great Britain brought home sixty-seven gold medals from the competition. Team Great Britain were the standouts in the track cycling, artistic gymnastics, and rowing competitions. Twenty-two, nearly a third, of Great Britain’s gold medals last time around came from just those three competitions.

The odds aren’t as much in Great Britain’s favor this time around. In the five years since Rio, Great Britain has lost some of the incredible talent they brought to previous games. To be sure, the country will still be winning some gold medals, but it’s not likely they’ll top their total from 2016. Great Britain is projected to win 36 medals, so the under 42 bet for Great Britain is the best route to go for anyone putting money on the games.

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