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2020 is getting crazier by the minute. Here are the best memes describing what experiencing UFO news in 2020 has been like.

2020 UFO news: Here are the best memes to describe our reactions

This year the Pentagon has been more open with their research into UFO activity. While this would usually be the talk of the internet, it’s barely been a blip on the radar amid the insanity of the 2020 news cycle.

It is important to remember UFO just means “unidentified flying object” and not “otherworldly spacecraft”, however some very high up officials seem to believe these unidentified crafts are from other worlds.

Here are the best memes describing what experiencing UFO news in 2020 has been like.

Asleep at the wheel

While we realize there is a lot happening right now, surely outlets could have spared a few more headlines on the subject that the Pentagon intends to release documents on UFOs later this year & that other people have already admitted they think aliens are real & already here.

The month of July

You know, it’s funny – this meme was originally posted in June as a joke since every month seems to have a new kind of ridiculous, but they were kind of right.

Not definitive proof

While the U.S. government finally acknowledged videos which have been on the internet for years, these videos still aren’t proof of anything other than our inability to figure out what the heck is in those videos.

One thing after another

If you don’t have an apocalypse bingo card set up yet, you’re seriously missing out. It makes each horror a little bit more fun when you realize you actually predicted it.

Earth’s closed

Some people aren’t so excited by the prospect of UFOs being confirmed real in the news. We have enough to deal with on this planet at the moment.

Aliens or bust

The news will be what editors want it to be – especially in the year 2020 where only the most sensational and crazy headlines will even get a second glance.

Fluff piece

It’s kind of weird to think the Pentagon’s talk of UFOs and alien research is practically a fluff piece in the year 2020.

If you squint it looks like a saucer

While we’re on the subject of skepticism, this meme must be mentioned. Though, we’ll also happily note that low-light photography is hard.

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