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It’s time to share some of the best and funniest 'Twilight' memes that we’ve found online. Here are the best memes for any Twihard.

Get back into your Twihard phase with these ‘Twilight’ memes

On Aug. 4, 2020, Midnight Sun was released unto the masses and the Twilight fandom resurrected themselves from their eternity of slumber. While many people are just reading uploaded versions of the book online because, well, no one really likes Stephenie Meyer or her racist interpretation of the Quileute tribe in the series. Or, as those who buy the book are doing, donating to the tribe, which you can do here.

Oh boy, Midnight Sun is definitely an experience, to say the least. By experience, we mean that Edward is . . . wow. The internet is, predictably, having a field day with all that we’re learning about the thought process of one Edward Cullen. What better way to celebrate this through some quality Twilight memes? 

This means that it’s time to share some of the best and funniest Twilight memes that we’ve found online. These Twilight memes will have everyone who’s ever seen or read Twilight in stitches.

1. Twilight fandom: Resurrection

When the news of Midnight Sun’s release was unveiled, the whole world got a shiver down their spines.

2. Robert Pattinson just wants to be Batman

Just stop asking Robert Pattinson about Twilight and let him be Batman, he’s had a hard time. 

3. Twilight fandom: continually roasting Smeyer

The Twilight fandom is way ahead in the curb of roasting the author of their series for terrible beliefs. Twilight’s for the gays now, Smeyer. 

4. That baby really was something, huh?

Edward Cullen, have you ever seen a baby before?

5. Edward descending into madness because of social interaction

Edward has been alive for over 100 years and is still horrible at social interaction. Big. Mood. Though we wouldn’t go into existential despair over it, but maybe we’re just not trying that hard.

6. Jacob sliding into those DMs

Jacob Black deserved better! 

7. Carlisle: WTF, man

Was this just some sort of weird parental test, Carlisle? W-H-Y?

8. Well, well, well . . . consequences

Always sucks when those things come around, huh Edward? 


In this fandom, we love and respect one Sheriff. And that’s Charlie Swan, who refuses to put up with none of this nonsense.

10. Edward never had game

Bella . . . what did you see in this continual disaster of a vampire? Are you okay?

11. Kill ’em all, Rosie

Us, in theatres: Mess them up, Rosie! Mess them up! KILL THEM ALL! Also you have to respect the passion and drama of her murder spree. Killing her rapists and murders in her wedding gown? What an icon.

12. How the rest of the Cullens deal with their “cursed existence”, Edward

Emmett, with his Xbox, thinking very loudly at Edward: “Sucks to suck, dude.” 

13. Let *clap* Vampires *clap* Get *clap* Drunk!!!!!

The fact that we’ve never seen the Cullens drunk wrestling each other in the yard during like a thunderstorm or whatever is a crime. 

14. Keep doing the Lord’s work, Twilight Renaissance

The Twilight Renaissance making things 100% gayer and more fun since 2018.

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