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Discover why former President Trump just fired his lawyer

Is there a new twist in the legal saga of former President Donald Trump? Alina Habba, the attorney representing Trump in multiple cases, is taking a step back from his defense team. According to Friday’s campaign press release, she is swapping her lawyer’s briefcase for the microphone as she gears up for a new role. So what’s next for Habba and Trump’s legal battles?

What does all of this mean for Trump’s current lawyer, and what will it mean for a lawyer in general who tries to help an unruly president? Let’s dive into the details.

Shift in spotlight

Habba, fresh off her time battling in court on Trump’s behalf, will now lend her voice as legal spokesperson and general counsel for Trump’s Save America PAC. With an air of honor and privilege, she is eager to devote more time addressing Trump’s legal affairs publicly. But what’s the sentiment of those she’s leaving behind on the defense team?

Steven Cheung, the communications director for Trump’s campaign, has nothing but admiration for Habba’s efforts. He highlights her dedicated and relentless work in handling what he views as witch-hunt cases unjustly filed against the former president. With such a hearty endorsement, it’s clear Habba’s influence won’t be leaving the Trump campaign anytime soon.

The Battle Continues

The stage for this change is set by a legal saga involving New York Attorney General Letitia James. Last September, James made headlines with her lawsuit against Trump, his three eldest children, and the Trump Organization, following a three-year investigation into alleged tax-dodging.

Trump’s pushback? Calling it a witch hunt. As Habba transitions into her new role, she leaves behind active cases, including a contentious one involving classified documents, 37 counts related to the Espionage Act, and Trump’s handling of top secret files post-White House. So, what happens next?

Aside from courtroom battles, Habba has been in the thick of things, searching through Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence for evidence to comply with a subpoena for James’ case. Following Trump’s indictment, she expressed her displeasure, painting a picture of obsession with Trump and a sickening disregard for anything concerning the Bidens.

Her battle isn’t limited to courtrooms and search efforts. She’s also had to defend Trump over a leaked 2021 recording discussing a classified file on potential Iran attacks. And then there’s her eyebrow-raising protest against the FBI’s ongoing investigation into Trump — labeling espionage and obstruction as “mundane” crimes.

Twitter reacts

For all of her experience as a lawyer, Habba’s claims didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter. Some were quick to mock her assertion about “mundane” crimes like espionage, while others poked fun at Trump’s choice of legal representation. The consensus? Not many were impressed by Habba’s legal argument, which only fueled more discussions online.

In the midst of all this, Trump continued his online tirade, criticizing Joe Biden and federal law enforcement. And through it all, the Department of Justice provided a detailed look at Trump’s legal arguments while shedding light on how top-secret government documents ended up in Trump’s Florida resort.

As Habba steps into her new role, one question still looms: How will the dynamics of Trump’s legal battles change? Is Habba’s transition a sign of an intensified fight or a strategic retreat? 


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