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Trump is fighting for his pardon – but was he actually arrested?

Who said politics couldn’t be as exhilarating as a season finale cliffhanger? The latest episode in the political drama features former President Donald Trump, whose indictment has sparked the question on everyone’s lips: Will his GOP primary rivals pledge to pardon him after being arrested? 

A source revealed that Trump has been dishing out a singular request to his allies – to go on TV and social media and take Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to task for not promising him a pardon.

Tangled web

This isn’t just about avoiding a potential legal quagmire for Trump; there’s strategy in motion. By forcing GOP rivals to address the pardon question, Trump ensures the spotlight stays on him. Those who entertain this query find themselves in a Catch-22: either ride with Trump and keep him center stage, or risk being lumped with Joe Biden and the Department of Justice.

But what’s a political contender like DeSantis to do? As a Rolling Stone insider put it, the options are slim. Jump on Trump’s bandwagon and risk your integrity, go silent and appear non-committal, or stand against Trump and end up in an uncomfortable alliance with Biden and the DOJ.

DeSantis, it seems, is opting for a mix of arrested condemnation and silence. He’s fired shots at the Justice Department but hasn’t dared to touch the pardon topic. Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign spokesman, Steven Cheung, is throwing shade at DeSantis for avoiding the issue.

But hold on to your popcorn, folks. This isn’t just about DeSantis. Trump’s allies, like former George W. Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer, are pushing the pardon narrative on shows like Fox News. GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has been the media’s darling in this drama, throwing down the gauntlet and demanding all presidential candidates make a commitment to pardoning Trump.

Morale blow

Special counsel Jack Smith charged Trump with thirty-seven counts, including retaining classified information and obstruction of justice. Despite the seriousness, Trump’s allies are unwavering in their demands for a pardon despite him being arrested.

Meanwhile, other Republicans are tip-toeing around this boiling pot. Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley tried to strike a balance on Fox News. However, she has now tilted towards being “inclined in favor” of a pardon.

Former Vice President Mike Pence is also dancing on the tightrope in light of his former boss being arrested. During his stint on the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton show, he acknowledged the gravity of the charges against Trump but refrained from committing to the pardon conversation.

But wait, there’s more. The public is getting antsy. Republicans, in particular, are getting restless for straight answers. The general sentiment is that if these are political charges, deciding on the pardon shouldn’t be rocket science.

Final count

As the tension escalates and the plot thickens, what can we expect from these political power players? With Trump’s cunning strategizing and the Republican rivals dancing their political ballet, who will steal the show?

But here’s the final twist: What will this mean for the voters? When the curtain falls, will they be the ones to give a standing ovation or to boo them off stage? Keep your eyes peeled, because in this political theatre, the finale is bound to be explosive. 

And let’s be real – isn’t this exactly the kind of edge-of-your-seat politics that makes us all tune in?


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