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From glamping to wilderness games, the girls ruled in 'Troop Beverly Hills'. Here's everything to know about its upcoming sequel.

Time for glamping: Everything about the ‘Troop Beverly Hills’ sequel

From glamping in Beverly Hills to wilderness games, 1989s Troop Beverly Hills showed young female audiences they could get the best of anything they set their minds to. Three decades later, the wholesome comedy is getting the chance to do it again. Here’s everything to know about a film you never saw coming – the Troop Beverly Hills sequel.  

Troop Beverly Hills: The Original 

Not a box-office-smash by any means, the predictable charm of 80s cinema struck again when troubled Beverly Hills housewife (Shelley Long) leads a wilderness troop through her idea of glamping – staying at the esteemed Beverly Hills Hotel. The girls of the troop can’t be happier to replace the forest with the hotel’s luxury amenities. 

Of course, trouble ensues when the troop leader must prove she taught her girls their essential wilderness skills at an annual jamboree – we know you can picture the 80s cheesiness from here. It won’t go down as Long’s best performance, but her casting as the loveable – if uninformed and self-absorbed – scout leader was just right. 

But Troop Beverly Hills was a modest family comedy highlighting determination and redemption from its cast of female characters. The premise is not uncommon in today’s popular cinema, and as if on queue, it’s being brought back to the big screen for a new viewing generation. 

Troop Beverly Hills: The team behind the sequel

Just over thirty years since the debut of the original, the announcement of a Troop Beverly Hills sequel was surprising, but not unwarranted. With all-female remakes and a focus on the modern female experience dominating cinema, the formula of this cult-classic has a lot of potential to defy and expand upon its conventional tale. 

According to E! News, TriStar Pictures greenlit a sequel for production. Sticking with the theme of combining old and new, the film staff is a mash of experience and first-timers. Two notable returners include the pairing of Ava Fries & Charles Fries – the respective original screenwriter & executive producer on Troop Beverly Hills.

Veteran producer Laurence Mark will help oversee the film, bringing experience from films like Julie & Julia (2009) and Jerry Maguire (1996). Oran Zegman is making a feature-film debut as director after finding success on one of her short films. The film will be based on the script written by Aeysha Carr, who’s no stranger to comedy writing. 

Casting possibilities for TroopBeverly Hills sequel 

It’ll be hard to recreate the charm of the original while highlighting new, young talents for the occasion. But this dynamic group of writers, directors, and producers seem up for the challenge. Little can be said about returning cast, as few of the original troop girls continued their careers in acting beyond the 1990s. 

Fewer details have been released regarding the plot – what direction will it take? Aside from being a writer with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Aeysha Carr’s feature-film debut also comes in the form of a reboot to Planes, Trains, & Automobiles (1987) with Kevin Hart & Will Smith. Carr’s involvement will be excellent for more representation in the cast. 

Writing for adult comedies, one has to wonder if the Troop Beverly Hills sequel will lay on the family charm, or appeal to a more mature audience. Everything has been left to our imaginations until more details arise regarding the plot and casting. 

It would be great for fans of the original to catch a few cameos of Shelley Long and Craig T. Nelson reprising their roles as Phyllis & Freddy Nefler. In keeping with plans of a sequel and not a reboot, perhaps some of the original troop will play now-mothers or counselors to the next generation of Wilderness Girls.  

Troop Beverly Hills sequel: Opportunity beyond glamping 

Despite its many antics, Troop Beverly Hills received some praise for its exploration of feminine themes and acceptance of the LGBTQ community – themes we hope will continue to express themselves, if not push boundaries, in the planned sequel. 

A group of young, pampered girls reluctant to prove themselves until goaded is a classic narrative of transformation & empowerment – but we think even more can be done. With the integration of modern technology, would kids crying about giving up their cell phones to go camping be too clichè? Will a traditional wilderness troop still resonate?

Over the next months, we’re sure more of these questions will be answered. The Troop Beverly Hills sequel has endless opportunity to surpass glamping glamour and continue rewriting the young female narrative. While we’re excited to see remnants of the original’s wholesome charm, the sequel’s worst fate would be to fall flat on tradition. 

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