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There are tons of great casino movies. Find out which ones should be at the top of your list with our breakdown.

Top 5 casino movies

In what case is watching a movie no less exciting than gambling in the best casinos in australia, carefully selected with the help of the player’s best friends – online casino site aggregators? Of course, when it is dedicated to a real casino. Such films “catch” from the very first frames, while the steepness of their plot twists is breathtaking, and the denouement is striking in its unpredictability.

Although the best films about the world of gambling were filmed in different countries and by different directors, they are united by entertainment and constant success with the audience. It is pleasant to note that popular Australian actors, for example, Eric Bana, are not so rarely involved in these exciting films. The film with his participation will open our TOP-5 casino films.

Lucky (Australia, Germany, USA, 2007)

The rivalry between father and son is a dramatic and therefore winning topic, especially if the opponents are also avid gamblers. The main character Hack, played by Bana, harbors a grudge against his own father, who left the family many years ago. Since dad, Al C. Cheever, is famous as an unsurpassed master of poker, it is not surprising that Hack was not carried away by aussie casino no deposit bonus, but by this game.

The hack is ready to do anything, including stealing money from a girl with whom he spent the night in order to find the 10 thousand dollars needed to participate in a big poker tournament in Las Vegas. But when he finally gets his way and reaches the final, where his father is his opponent, he suddenly realizes that victory is not the most important thing. By the way, for the brilliant performance of the role of Haka Bana, he was once nominated for an Australian Film Institute award.

Casino (USA, 1995)

The iconic Scorsese film portrays the glittering and cynical world of 1970s Las Vegas casinos with such artistic force that critics have compared it to the legendary “The Godfather.” At the center of the film narration are two friends: the casino manager Sam and his friend, the outrageous Nikki.

They seem like tough nuts, but each has its own Achilles heel: Nikki has a love of money, and Sam has a passion for a woman as beautiful as it is unworthy. Slowly and inevitably, the course of events leads the heroes to tragedy, but only one of them can survive. Among the performers of the main roles, in addition to the inimitable Robert De Niro, who played Sam, Sharon Stone deserves admiration, who was then at the peak of her acting and physical form.

Home (USA, 2017)

What should parents who really want to pay for their beloved child to study at the university, but do not have money? The idea that their quirky neighbor Frank gave to the poor couple Johansen is striking in its originality: they need to open a casino! Of course, we are not talking about a large institution with dozens of gaming tables and hundreds of slots, but about a modest and secret casino, for which the basement of their own house is enough: with its help, the Johansens will quickly earn money for higher education for their daughter Alex.

At first, everything really goes smoothly, but unpleasant surprises cannot be avoided in the illegal gambling business, and from now on, the Johansen’s life will be anything but boring. The director of the film, Andrew J. Cohen, has successfully proved that the casino theme can be realized not only in the dramatic genre, but also in the comedy genre, so that the audience will have a lot of fun minutes.

Croupier (UK, 1998)

Few dreamed of working as a croupier in childhood: here Jack, the protagonist of the film by British director M. Hodges, wanted to become a writer. However, life forced him to go to work in a casino, where a completely new world opened up for the novice writer. The Croupier genre can be defined as a mixture of neo-noir and thriller: there are practically no positive characters in the film, but the plot twists make you flinch with surprise. Of particular interest is the depiction of the casino’s internal routine and the relationship between its employees: we seem to look behind the scenes of a performance that is played every evening in the gambling hall.

Casino Royale (UK, USA, Czech Republic, 2006)

When listing the best casino movies, it is impossible to ignore that episode of the epic about 007, which takes place within the walls of a luxurious gaming establishment. The point is not only in the high rating of the picture and not in the fact that for the first time the role of Bond was played by D. Craig, who was not similar to his predecessors, but also in a very detailed image of the game of poker. After analyzing the distribution of Bond, poker professionals confirmed that such a course of the parties is quite real, and the super agent really showed himself to be an excellent player. In addition, let’s be frank: who of the players, entering the hall of a chic real casino, at least for a moment did not imagine themselves as someone like James Bond?

In conclusion, we note that due to the diverse plot and the combination of several genres, the best casino films will be of interest not only to gambling fans, but also to fans of melodramas, psychological films and action movies: they can be watched in a company or together with a loved one.

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