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Looking for a great engagement ring in 2021? Take a look at the top 5 unique engagement rings to buy for that special someone.

Top 5 Unique Engagement Rings For 2021

2020 has been a rather bad year for most people. Many plans, from football matches to marriages, were postponed. If you are looking forward to 2021 for a perfect engagement and marriage then this article is for you! 

Engagement rings are rather important. It shows how deeply you care about your relationship. You don’t really get to change them. Therefore, these tiny pieces of jewelry need to be timeless and precious, just like one’s marriage. These rings ensure that the pure bond of love between two people remains intact.

In such a case, there is nothing better than a gemstone engagement ring. Gemstones are timeless. They always remain in fashion. Fashion changes every day, but the value, the importance of gemstones and gemstone rings never changes. Gemstone rings not only make for a great piece of jewelry but are also known for keeping one’s married life great.

There are different ways in which gemstones can benefit one’s married life. Gemstones attract all the positive energy and help avoid all sorts of disputes and keep the spark of love glowing. Not only that, but gemstones also help to keep one healthy.

Without wasting further time, let’s jump straight into our list of Top 5 Unique Engagement Rings for 2021.

Here is a list of the top 5 unique gemstone engagement rings for 2021, all curated by our experts’ team. These gemstone rings are all in trend and make for beautiful engagement rings for a lifetime.

Two-Stone Rings

These rings have a beautiful message around them. These images are not only trendy but are meant for old-school lovers too. These two stone rings symbolize two souls meeting each other. These rings are also called ‘Toi et Moi,’ which means you and me in french. The design makes it perfect according to the modern fashion trends, and the message behind these makes it ideal for old-school lovers.

These rings also combine the power of two gemstones, which can be very beneficial for one’s life and married life.

Halo rings

There is going to be a boom in the number of halo rings being bought this year. All of this can be attributed to their fantastic design, which makes the central piece look bigger. In this way, you pay a bit lesser and get an exquisite gemstone engagement ring.

These rings make for beautiful pieces for both men and women who are mostly endowed with diamonds. The unique design consists of a beautiful central gemstone, mostly a diamond surrounded by a similar accent of smaller stones, making the central piece look more significant and elegant.

Diamond is the most commonly used gemstone in Halo rings. A diamond is not only precious but also brings prosperity, luck, happiness, and success to one’s life. A diamond is suitable and beneficial for people of all Zodiac signs, but if you are a Virgo or a libra, it is even more beneficial.

Diamond rings

Diamond rings have never been out of trend. When it is about finding the Best Gemstone Engagement Ring, Diamonds are primarily preferred by the people, and there is a huge reason for it. Diamonds are timeless.

There are countless benefits of wearing diamonds since these gemstones ensure marital contentment. These beautiful, lustrous, and raw pieces of finely cut gemstones increase physical relationships’ warmth and help solve marital discord.

The purer is a diamond, the better it gets. A good quality diamond between 0.30 carat to 1.00 carat is excellent for the benefits of its power. Diamonds can be paired with the latest as well as all the vintage jewelry trends too.

Three stone rings

 Like the Two stone rings, three stone rings also signify a traditional and modern meaning. Traditionally, these three stones on rings represent three aspects of a successful married life, namely: friendship, love, and fidelity.

One of the most popular designs in three stone rings is the design with a central and larger piece surrounded by two smaller gemstone pieces. This unique pattern makes for a perfect gemstone engagement ring. Make sure the other two diamonds are twinning.

These three stone rings are enriched with the power of three gemstones that means you can get benefited mainly from their ability.

Stackable engagement rings

This might look like an out-of-fashion trend, but it is all coming back again. People have started to love small pieces of gemstones stacked against each other yet too, and the jewelers are introducing unique patterns now and then. These rings are elegant and precious at the same time. The pattern is raw and natural, like beautiful chaos.

Well, not that we know about some of the most unique gemstone engagement ring trends of 2021, let us now know where we can find these beautiful gemstones online.

How to buy gemstones online?

To buy gemstones online, one must keep the eyes open. There is a lot of counterfeiting happening around the world, and people are ready to scam you at any time. You must know that the less opaque gemstones cost more, and if you are getting one for an exceptionally lower price, then it most probably is not legit.

Also, some labs provide certifications to these gemstones. A legitimate seller must have these certificates available. If you are looking to buy authentic gemstones online then you can buy them from trusted sites such as

The bottom line

Well, this was all for our article on Top 5 Unique Engagement Rings for 2021. While the world follows a specific trend, you must always know that you are unique, and there is no definition to your sense of fashion and jewelry. You should always stay confident about what you are wearing.

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