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Back in 2019, when Meghan was still an active member of the Royal Family, she chose to wear a pair of diamond earrings valued at a hefty £1990.

Royal news: Were Meghan Markle and Prince Harry accepting fake jewelry for years?

Tell us if you imagined something like this in Prince Harry news of the moment. It’s a narrative where Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, not only dazzles with her style but also spotlights emerging brands, shaking up both the royal and fashion worlds. Let’s take a deeper dive into this Prince Harry news and see what we can find.

A Royal Endorsement Like No Other

Back in 2019, when Meghan was still an active member of the Royal Family, she chose to wear a pair of diamond earrings valued at a hefty £1990. These weren’t just any diamonds, though. They were from Kimai, a brand that prides itself on creating jewelry with artificial diamonds, founded by the dynamic duo Sidney Neuhaus and Jessica Warch. 

This choice wasn’t merely a fashion statement; it was a nod to sustainability and innovation in the jewelry industry. Meghan’s appearance in these earrings wasn’t just a day out; it was at the charity Smart Works’ headquarters in London, an organization she supported, which aims to empower women entering the workforce.

What makes this endorsement stand out is the context. Royal figures, especially those as scrutinized as Meghan, often have their fashion choices watched by millions. Yet, here she was, choosing to support a female-founded startup that champions ethical practices. 

This move was significant not just for Kimai but for every small brand dreaming of royal recognition. The impact was immediate and vast, catapulting Kimai into the limelight, a mere two months after their launch.

The Power of Cold Emails and Dragon’s Den

Fast forward to an appearance on Dragons’ Den, where Neuhaus and Warch shared their exhilarating journey from launching Kimai to catching the eye of one of the most famous women in the world. Their secret weapon? The seemingly simple, yet often overlooked, cold email. This strategy not only landed their jewelry on a duchess but also demonstrated the power of perseverance and belief in one’s product.

Their pitch on Dragons’ Den wasn’t just a quest for investment; it was a testament to their success, underscored by Meghan’s choice. Steven Bartlett, one of the dragons, was particularly captivated by this royal seal of approval, leading him to make a significant investment in the brand. 

This moment wasn’t just a win for Kimai but a beacon for startups everywhere, showing that with the right product and a bit of audacity, even the loftiest goals are attainable.

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Fashion, Royalty, and the Ripple Effect

Meghan’s fashion choices have always been a topic of conversation, but her decision to wear Kimai’s earrings goes beyond trends. It touches on the themes of sustainability, female entrepreneurship, and the impact of royal endorsements. 

This story is a fascinating intersection of traditional royal influence and modern entrepreneurial spirit, where a single choice can set off a cascade of events that uplift and highlight emerging brands.

But Meghan’s relationship with fashion and royalty is layered and complex. Her departure from royal duties, alongside Prince Harry, marked a significant shift in how the couple would engage with the public and use their influence. Their actions, from accepting gifts to highlighting certain brands, reflect a nuanced understanding of their platform’s power.

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