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Have you ever dreamed of living in a different era? Blast to the past or explore the future with these famous time traveling movies.

Do you dream of escaping? Watch these time traveling movies

Some of the best story lines in cinema involve time traveling. Think of what you can do with it: You can change the course of history, be able to do things differently, or even avoid making that costly mistake that’s been dragging on in your life. The possibilities are endless!

Time traveling also means you can see your future, what you look like, what you’ll be doing in thirty years, if you have kids, if you’re married, etc. Although it doesn’t exist in real life, traveling in time in movies seems to be the kind of fantasy we all adore, no matter how old or educated we are.

It’s an escape valve that we all dream of at some point of our lives. We all want to escape from something in different situations, no matter how hard these are. Regardless of what your need of escaping is, we’re here to help, so here are some time traveling movies you can watch to help make that dream happen.

About Time (2013)

This heart-melting movie is all about time traveling. Although there’s a good portion of romantic comedy, the story of About Time centers on a father-son relationship, making us all think about death & regret.

When he turns twenty-one, our protagonist Tim learns that men in his family have the power to travel back in time, so he uses the power to do many things. From asking her sister’s friend out to trying to save the same sister from a car crash, Tim’s time traveling skills change the history of his life.

Then, Tim sadly discovers that his time traveling abilities can’t change everything, at least without dire consequences. It’s in the moment that Tim learns his father has terminal cancer, and his powers aren’t enough to change that situation. Tim learns that time travel isn’t everything, and you should enjoy the life that comes to you.

Back to the Future: Part II (1989)

When time traveling movies come to your mind, this famous trilogy immediately pops up. And the second installment of the Back to the Future saga goes back into three different eras in Marty McFly’s life, as he experiences his past, present, and future all in one movie.

The most remarkable part of this time travelling movie takes place in a fictional 2015, with many technological features from the creators’ imaginations. But the movie also comes with an alternative past & future, where both Doc Brown and Marty go back and alter events. They inadvertently turn the movie’s villain Biff Tannen into a high-level gangster, owner of a mega casino in the Hill Valley area.

2067 (2020)

Here’s an example of a movie that’s an exercise of futurology for some. The story takes us to the year 2067, where Earth is devastated by climate change, and civilization is almost wiped off our planet. Except for one place in Australia that held up the catastrophe with something we haven’t thought of making ― at least, not yet: Synthetic oxygen.

That oxygen, however, gets tainted, and the survivors become really sick and die. However, main character Ethan researches a time machine that could save their lives. So, he travels centuries in time to a rain forest, where he races to transmit data to 2067. And a lot of things happen, putting the mission into huge risk.

Despite the setbacks, the Earth is repopulated and survives the cataclysms. All of that thanks to time traveling and brave people that have the courage to do so ― in movies, of course!

Traveling back in time with movies is maybe the best kind of entertainment you can find in moments of turbulence. Watching those will make your mind fly together with the characters that come through the screen. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride back in time!

What are your favorite time traveling movies? Let us know in the comments.

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