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Golf icon Tiger Woods is awake and healing after a scary car accident Tuesday morning in Los Angeles. Here are the best memes to help us all heal!

Get well soon: The best memes about the news of Tiger Woods’s accident

On February 23rd, 2021, news broke that golf icon Tiger Woods was in a terrible car accident that ultimately may have ended his 2021 golf campaign. In what we know to be a “single car” accident, Woods spun off a road early on Tuesday morning in the Los Angeles area, damaging his vehicle to great concern. Tiger Woods was actually taken out of the vehicle with the jaws of life . . . yeah, that’s scary. 

Tiger Woods, which news reports claim is awake & stable after Tuesday’s emergency surgery of multiple hours, reportedly has several fractures in his legs. While we’ll miss Tiger Woods’s presence from the upcoming staple golf tournaments of 2021, such as The Masters and the U.S. Open, we wish him a speedy recovery and hope to hear his mighty roar once again in the very near future.

It’s sad news, but hopefully, we can make it better with some of the better Tiger Woods memes on Twitter, all wishing him a fast recovery and an even faster return to the links as soon as possible. Mind you, some of these memes are a bit dark and, well, shall we say “too soon”? Regardless, Tiger is healing, and so are we. 

Let the games begin

We’re preparing our golf “soft clap” for these memes now that we know Tiger Woods is alive and in the healing process.  

Off the tee

Tiger Woods is known for struggling with his driver club in big situations these past few years . . . it was only a matter of time before somebody found a way to make this joke. 

Unplayable lie

We all wish Tiger could take a drop on this one. 

EA Sports, it’s in the game 

Luckily Tiger should walk again just fine. We just hope he can continue to grow as a golfer . . .  if it’s even possible for someone of his accomplished career.  

Mighty roar 

The comeback is always greater than the setback. 

God, no

Many of us had this reaction when news first broke of Tiger Woods’s accident. Although, we’re pretty sure that The Office’s Michael Scott would actually call out of work in response to the news. Either that or he’d wear a red collared shirt to work. 

Too dark 

We support anybody who’s going through any type of addiction-related issues. While we don’t know what condition Tiger Woods was in during the accident, we did know that these types of memes were coming fast & hard.

Golf offers parity

Maybe some of the game’s greats are invincible . . .  

Home on the range

Look, we seriously doubt that Tiger’s already “back on the range”. Besides, wouldn’t that mess up his mechanics swinging with one arm? 

Lacking originality 

Tiger Woods “in the rough” jokes will soon be the new Bernie Sanders meme of 2021.

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