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Lots of people love to gamble, and actors are no different. Here are some high profile actors who hit the tables.

These actors are real casino fans

For many years, casinos have had a magical attraction for people all over the world. So there are actually people in every social class and profession who regularly visit a casino. But which actors actually belong to the real casino fans?

Even celebrities regularly let themselves be seen in the casinos of the world. The world of celebrities and gambling is far too glamorous and attractive. For most private users, digital casinos are primarily about safe gaming and an entertaining pastime. In addition, most portals offer discounts such as the Captain Cooks Bonus at GamblingGuy Canada, making it even easier and more lucrative to get started and gamble. In contrast, some celebrities also visit the casinos to be seen and to participate in socially important events. Others, on the other hand, play in their free time and have enjoyed gambling at the casino for many years.

According to relevant media reports, Ben Affleck is one of the most popular casino visitors. The actor has become internationally famous not least through the films PERL Haber and Good Will Hunting. Ben Affleck’s great passion, however, is blackjack. Even beginners can learn this card game relatively quickly. There are even media reports claiming that Ben has already been caught counting cards. The casinos don’t like that. When suspicion arises that a player is counting cards, most of them are immediately banned from the premises. Whether this is the case with Ben Affleck remains to be seen.

Tobey Maguire

Most people know Toby from the Spider-Man films. Later, Molly’s Game was about a protagonist who puts all his eggs in one basket. That doesn’t just apply to Tobey in front of the camera. That film was about the cup game and the stars in Hollywood. He is also said to be very fond of playing poker behind the camera. He is even said to have taken home some prize money in the process. There is an interview from which it is clear that the actor has also landed at the National Championship on poker.

Bruce Willis

Behind the well-known games like roulette and blackjack as well as poker, other classics like baccarat and craps take a back seat. These are games that Bruce Willis, above all, loves to play. He already has a certain amount of experience and, according to his own statement, has won quite large sums of money. There is talk of €100,000.

Tiger Woods

The most famous star who loves to gamble is Tiger Woods, the professional golfer. He is one of the most famous golf players in the world and has had an amazing career. Of course, the titles also pay off for him in cash. Off the golf course, Tiger Woods repeatedly provides material for the tabloid press. He can regularly be found at the blackjack tables. He is said to have played a few rounds with Ben Affleck. So there are rumours that claim that Tiger Woods is on the move in the casinos, among other places, and is one of the players who sometimes make quite high stakes. If you take a look at the golf pro’s fortune, this should come as little surprise.

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