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What we have to wonder is 'The Wrong Missy' actually good or are we all collectively bored out of our skulls? Let's find out.

Is ‘The Wrong Missy’ actually good, or are people just bored?

The Netflix Top 10 feature has given us all a deep and disturbing insight into the viewing habits in our countries. Sure, it lets you know what everyone is watching so you don’t miss out on the next big thing. But . . . at what cost does this knowledge come from? Why are people watching The Wrong Missy? Has quarantine gotten so dire that we’re willing to watch a film that was dated in 1998 (when the script was written) in 2020?

Looking at the Rotten Tomatoes reviews, The Wrong Missy is sitting pretty at a 35% on the review aggregator. The reviews aren’t even like Cats levels of hilarity. They just make you sad that a film like this even got made.

It leaves you wondering: is it me? Is this what the collective cultural consciousness is demanding? Am I being elitist? Or is the film actually good and the reviewers saw “Happy Madison” and “David Spade” and already made up their minds? 

So long as no one is being exploited, people should enjoy the entertainment that makes them happy. What we have to wonder is The Wrong Missy actually good or are we all collectively bored out of our skulls?

What is The Wrong Missy about?

Tim (David Spade) is a lovable banker (um?) that has recently gotten his heartbroken. He goes on a date with a woman named Melissa, who goes by Missy (Lauren Lapkus), who gets Tim into a fight with Roman Reigns along with making weird and offensive statements during dinner. 

Tim then meets a woman named Melissa (Molly Sims) at an airport and gets her number. He starts texting her and invites her on a retreat to make his ex (Sarah Chalke) jealous.

Except the Lapkus Missy shows up! Whoopsie. Along the way, Missy is continually offensively offbeat, Tim falls in love with her, misunderstandings happen, and the couple ends up together in the end. 

Is The Wrong Missy being unfairly maligned by critics?

No. The Wrong Missy is a waste of Lauren Lapkus, who is a talented comedian. Tim spends most of the movie insulting Missy and treating her like garbage. Missy is a mean drunk and kind of the worst. Despite wanting to help Tim, Missy gets him into most of these situations to begin with. It’s like watching the start of a very toxic relationship.

There’s a moment when you think that maybe they won’t get together, but it’s lies. They get together in the end and Tim loses his job. The Wrong Missy is just so, so bad. Yes, you’re think, ‘it’s a Happy Madison movie, of course, it’s bad’.

Why, however, would so many people watching it?! Why did it hold the number one spot on the Netflix Top 10? Is it because people need dysfunction in their Tiger King withdrawals? 

Or, maybe, it’s what people always do. We just love a trainwreck. Is The Wrong Missy really that unwatchable? Is it as bad as Cats? Or is this the turning point and it’s just a slow slide to insanity as the quarantine continues? 


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