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Season 1 of 'The Umbrella Academy' promised a new kind of superhero story arc and delivered. Here's what we know about season 2.

‘The Umbrella Academy’ season 2: Everything you need to know

Season one of The Umbrella Academy promised a new kind of superhero story arc — and they didn’t disappoint. The show follows the tumultuous lives of the adopted children that make up the superhero league known as The Umbrella Academy. 

The second season of The Umbrella Academy is slated to hit Netflix on July 31, 2020. While it’s not known what roles will be renewed or terminated, all the Hargreeves are in for the ride. There were some wild discoveries made at the end of the last season and we left our heroes in some questionable circumstances. Let’s go over what happened at what might be next. 

Yes, there will be many spoilers. 

What happened 

Last we saw the Hargreeves they were battling for world preservation from the most unlikely of foes: their sister Vanya. Yes, the mild-mannered violin player really did possess the most awesome power out of all her siblings. 

She glowed up, discovered her powers to manipulate sound, and blew up the moon so it just goes to show: you better be careful who you call weak in middle school. 

Her adoptive siblings (including Ben who has risen from the grave in the form of Klaus’ newfound channeling powers) try to vanquish her but are reluctant to kill her. Their first attempt to subdue Vanya by locking her in a soundproof room failed. Even when Allison holds her at gunpoint she can only shoot close to Vanya’s ear to break her concentration and stop her attack. 

Vanya is knocked unconscious by the gunshot’s reverberation and the powerful energy she’d amassed to take out her siblings bursts forward into space and straight to the moon. Now with imminent world destruction on their doorstep, Number Five decides to catapult them all back in time. 

Outside the Hargreeves household, Cha Cha and Hazel are dealing with their own problems: mainly each other. After leaving Cha Cha for dead, Hazel kills the Handler and escapes with Agnes back in time. Cha Cha survived Hazel’s attack but is now stranded, her call to HQ left unanswered. 

What might be next

A lot went down in season one and a lot of questions left hanging, waiting to be answered in season two episodes. The Hargreeves’ jump back in time has many unknown implications. Does it mean that The Umbrella Academy heroes will be restored to their teenage selves? And if that happens, will Ben be restored to the world of the living? 

The Handler’s death also has unknown consequences. Before Hazel killed her she reminded him that she’ll simply be replaced. If that’s true we’re due for a new character and they might be a little less polite than the last Handler. It’s also uncertain if the Handler’s death is the reason Cha Cha couldn’t get a hold or HQ or if she was betrayed and left to fend for herself. 

The next storyline is yet to be determined for The Umbrella Academy season two. If the original comic books are anything to go on, the Hargreeves might be delving into the time travel assassination plot tied to President Kennedy’s death. The showrunner Steve Blackman has stated that the intention of the show is to stay as true to the source material as possible. 

Three new cast members have been announced for season two: Ritu Arya, Yusuf Gatewood, and Marin Ireland. The teaser released for The Umbrella Academy’s new episodes gave audiences a cheeky nod back to the first episode and the dance they shared to “I Think We’re Alone Now” but this time with a quarantine twist.

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