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The question now is what will 'Riverdale' season 5 look like? Here's what we know about the time jump and where Archie and friends end up.

The ‘Riverdale’ time jump: Where will Archie and our faves land?

Riverdale season five will finally get us out of high school and make it so that we never have to question the small town’s school system again. In Riverdale’s fifth season, Archie (KJ Apa) and friends will be subjected to a five year time jump. Meaning we’re going straight over the college years to see where everyone ended up. It looked like it may end well for Riverdale’s core four.

Will end as well as it can until they are all dragged into the sanity of their home again. The usual! So the question now is what will Riverdale season five look like? Will Archie be trying to save the soul of his town? 

Has Jughead (Cole Sprouse) become a published writer? Did Veronica (Camila Mendes) break away from the Lodge name? Has Betty (Lili Reinhart) gotten therapy? Here are our theories. 


It looked like Archie was heading to the Naval Academy at the end of season four. Hopefully, this means an Archie that is a little less impulsive (polite way to say dumbass). Archie has definitely struggled with his purpose over the past four seasons, so it would be refreshing to see what he would look like with his stuff together. He really did find purpose in the community center, so let’s hope that’ll continue.

Archie will also still be close to Mary (Molly Ringwald) and her girlfriend-hopefully wife? We’d love to see a wedding picture of Archie with them on their wedding day. Sounding a bit cynical, Archie and Veronica probably split during college. Long distance relationships are hard, but it will be interesting to see them fall for each other without the intensity of teen romance behind them.

Basically, we’re saying do a 180. It’s a good chance for Archie to learn and grown from his stupid teenage decisions. Let him grow. 


Let Veronica’s family leave her alone 2k21! Listen this poor girl has been trying so hard to not go down her family’s shady path (mostly). Let’s see Veronica fresh from Barnard and making her own legitimate empire without the baggage of being a Lodge. For a high schooler, Veronica had a solid business acumen and clearly knows how to market and reach people. 

Veronica will hopefully be in the middle of her MBA and either creating her own personal brand or on her way there. She’s distanced herself from her family; moving out creating polite if strained terms. Maybe Veronica is determined to change Riverdale’s image. Maybe she wants to remove the stain that her family left on the town. Let her be her own kickass independent woman and not in a weird control off with her father.

Basically, Veronica is preparing to rule the world and looks good doing it. But she’s not going to do it the way her family has done, she’s going to be legitimate. 

The 'Archie' comics over recent years have been praised for the asexual representation in the form of Jughead Jones. So when will 'Riverdale' do the same?


Jughead was submitting his story to the University of Iowa, which has a killer writing program, in the season finale. Hopefully, he’ll get it and be the first one with a college degree in his family. Now with FP (Skeet Ulrich) exiting the show early in season five, we have to wonder if Jughead will be taking care of his little sister Jellybean. Though the Jones family seemed in a good place at the end of season four.

Either Jughead is a young published writer or getting ready to make the right connections in the world, maybe get himself an MFA in Creative Writing or something. It would be wild if he had a huge success while in college and comes back to Riverdale quite wealthy (as Jughead was for many years in the comics). Maybe he started a podcast investigating conspiracies or something. 

Jughead in five years? Still a writer, maybe taking care of his sister for reasons unknown, and planning his next steps in his career. Bughead may survive a long-distance romance or maybe they took some space after intense high school years. Either way, we see an epic reunion for those two.


Listen, every member of the Core Four needs some epic therapy. Betty probably needs it the most out of all of them. At the end of the five year jump, Betty should have gotten some therapy. That’s the most important. Let her have therapy. She probably graduates Yale with honors and, hopefully, feels at peace with herself. As for career? Betty is probably looking to join the FBI. 

Out of all of the Core Four, Betty is the most suited to police work. If she’s not in the FBI, then definitely investigative journalism. Her experiences in Riverdale definitely sent her down some sort of investigation based career path. Hopefully, things between the Cooper women are a little more settled by this point as well. 

Basically, let Betty Cooper be happy and have therapy 2k21, okay? Please and thanks.

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