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Everything is final. We’re not ready for the series finale of 'The Good Place'. We have compiled a list of the best episodes from 'The Good Place'.

The best ‘The Good Place’ episodes of all time

Everything is fine final. We’re not ready for the series finale of The Good Place.

That’s it, that’s the tweet. 

But with our favorite show bowing off NBC tonight, it’s not just a time for shedding all the tears, but a time for celebration. While we’re losing our favorite show, we still have a plus-sized 90-minute episode to spend with the Soul Squad. Even after the finale ends, our dear show will live on forever on Netflix. Until NBC snatches it back up onto their Peacock streaming service with reboots of shows nobody wants. 

To mourn and celebrate, we’re revisiting the best episodes over the past four seasons that we’ll remember until the end of Jeremy Bearimy. Or we’ll just park it in the dot over the I forever rewatching the show. 

Season 3, Episode 4 “Jeremy Bearimy”

Shirtless Chidi (William Jackson Harper) having a mental breakdown alone secures this episode on this list, but there’s more to this episode than just this. Chidi literally gives himself an actual stomachache with chili, Peeps, and M&M’s, Eleanor (Kristen Bell) actually returns a wallet instead of stealing from it, and Tahani (Jameela Jamil) and Jason (Manny Jacinto) give away like candy. It’s a mess, and it’s great. 

Season 2, Episode 2 “Dance Dance Resolution”

Michael (Ted Danson) having to reboot the neighborhood 803 times is such a great montage. We still want the reboot where Tahani and Eleanor are soulmates as an actual episode. It’s also unfair to discuss this episode without mentioning the legend that is writer Megan Amram who came up with all the punny restaurant names you see throughout the montage. 

Season 2, Episode 5 “The Trolley Problem”

As Michael tries to work with Team Cockroach to become less demonic, we finally get to the most famous philosophical problem of all time, the Trolley Problem. Of course, The Good Place takes this to a new level, by actually having Chidi live the Trolley Problem to “better” Michael. But if you’ve ever been curious about this philosophical conundrum, this is a great episode. 

Season 1, Episode 12 “Mindy St. Claire”

Maribeth Monroe is a gift to the show. As Jason, Janet, and Eleanor escape to the Medium Place for the first time, we get our first introduction to Mindy St. Claire. Easily the best side character of the show, she makes it clear that she is on the average side of being good. Everyone should be more like her, minus the cocaine habit. 

Season 3, Episode 7 “The Worst Possible Use of Free Will”

Still feel like Reboot 119 is a better name for this episode. Getting to return to the neighborhood is a nice change of pace, but that’s not what we care about. Cheleanor forever. Thank you, Michael, for convincing Eleanor to continue to love Chidi.

Season 1, Episode 13 “Michael’s Gambit”

Easily the best episode of TV in the 2010s. Who knew this was just the first twist of this twisty, windy road that would lead to changing the entire afterlife system? That evil laugh as soon as Michael gets caught by Eleanor will forever be stuck in our minds. 

Season 3, Episode 9 “Janet(s)”

D’Arcy Carden made it clear that she knows how to kill it. Not only did she play all four humans, but she managed to play Eleanor playing Jason and Jason playing Eleanor. She even managed to nail Tahani’s accent! D’Arcy is a God!

Season 4, Episode 9 “The Answer”

Chidi has dealt with a lot of problems over his years of life. But one consistency is his desire to find the answers to the universe. As a child, Chidi found the answer but didn’t even know it. He gave a presentation to solve his parents’ arguments and prove that their love is stronger than their arguments. The answer has always been love. Love saved the universe, and love will bring us to the end.


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