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We here at Film Daily are happy to fill you in on the reasons why you’ll fall in love with this odd but amazing series 'The Family Man'.

Here’s why you’ll fall in love with Amazon’s ‘The Family Man’

Nowadays, spy thrillers seem a bit formulaic. The dashing spy, the large international threat, the sexy femme fatale. However, a little show on Amazon Prime Video decided to take the classic tropes and rework them in their incredible series The Family Man. 

For those who may not be familiar with the show, it is an Indian action-drama series created by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. Starring Manoj Bajpayee and Priyamani, it tells the story of a middle-class man secretly working as an intelligence officer for the T.A.S.C, a fictitious branch of the National Investigation Agency. The cast also includes Sharib Hashmi, Neeraj Madhav, Kishore, and Vedant Sinha.  

What exactly makes this show such a departure from the classic spy shows and movies we have seen? Well, we here at Film Daily are happy to fill you in on the reasons why you’ll fall in love with this odd but amazing series. 

The plot and premise 

As said earlier, the premise is a bit of an odd one, with our intrepid spy being a family man (pun intended) who not only has to bust bad guys but also has to pick up his kids from school. The show is able to combine the two worlds well, giving us a main character we can connect to. 

Not only does he have a taxing job, but he has the same mundane maladies we face each day, from trying to get groceries to helping our significant others around the house. 

It lets us see the action as just another part of his life rather than starkly separating the two, glamorizing one over the other. Both are important to get the full story, and both help the show maintain its great balance of. . .

Humor and heart 

With a premise like this, it is very easy to imagine the comedic parts of balancing being a spy with a normal life. The weak excuses, the forgotten tasks (like picking up his kids), the list goes on. 

The show, however, in terms of comedy, manages to make even more great moments, from having our protagonist chase a suspect on the back of a moped to taking a call from his wife during a hostage situation. The humor blends with the action beautifully, cementing the connection between the two worlds further. 

Of course, the show also has its dramatic moments and plays them just as well. We get to see just what it takes to protect a country from those outside and inside of it who wish to harm it, while also getting an inside look at the small and big drawbacks from the job. Lastly, we see why these guys do what they do and what they fight for, allowing us a character who is more than witty one-liners and daring escapes. It defies expectations on more than that front, since the show. . .

Pushing the boundaries of Indian television 

Of course, when most think of Indian television, the old tropes of Bollywood romances often appear. This show takes that expectation and chucks it out the window. The show is a powerful, humorous, and action-packed series that has a great story everyone all over the world can enjoy. 

It can give you a good laugh and make you think all at once, defying the old stereotype of Bollywood films and shows on almost every front. This comes as a delight to many as Nidimoru and D.K. mentioned in an interview with Deadline, “The Family Man has become a global sensation and we couldn’t be happier associating with Amazon Prime Video to make this happen. 

While we hoped that audiences would like and relate to the show, what has truly overwhelmed us is the magnitude of love we received within days of the release. Our pan-Indian cast has also been getting amazing appreciation from audiences across the country. We are thrilled that the quality of content and performances are truly breaking down pre-existing walls within various film industries in India.” 

The Family Man is a show that is easy to love, from its odd but fascinating plot to its powerful, groundbreaking moments. 

It’s a show with heart, humor, and a big helping of action you do not want to miss, especially now that season 2 of the show has been announced by Amazon Prime Video. So, go over and jump into a fun, action-filled ride that really is for the whole family.

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