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'The Baker and the Beauty' stands out because it does the rom-com well for a television series. Here are more reasons to watch.

‘The Baker and the Beauty’ is the most underrated romcom on TV

The rom-com genre is one of the most difficult genres to write for. There has to be a balance between the cliches and trying to find a fresh take on the whole mishaps while falling in love sort of thing. 

A good rom-com is practically impossible to find on television nowadays. This is why The Baker and the Beauty stands out because it does the rom-com well for a television series.

Honestly, The Baker and the Beauty, which is adapted from a popular Israeli series, is just what we need right now. The world often feels like an absolute trainwreck, so why not enjoy a nice, fluffy rom-com? Here’s why you should be checking out The Baker and the Beauty.


Rom-coms live and die by the chemistry of their romantic leads. If you don’t believe that these two people are a) into each other and b) are falling in love with each other, then you’ll just end up changing the channel. Victor Rasuk (Jack Ryan) and Nathalie Kelley (Dynasty) have that believable sort of chemistry with each other. 

From their first meeting, you can’t help but hope that Daniel and Noa will end up together. There’s just something so sweet and real about their interactions, especially in The Baker and the Beauty’s pilot that makes you root for them to get together. 

The drama

Scheming exes, the perils of dating a famous person, dealing with your oven when it breaks down, The Baker and the Beauty has that and more. While the drama can be over the top, it’s a fun sort of over the top. The problems seem vast and terrifying, but Noa and Daniel work together in order to make their romance work. 

It’s like a weird lowkey version of Jane the Virgin at times. Sure, there’s not mafia connections to deal with, but Noa is still a famous supermodel. So that’s always an issue on the table. 

A series meant for the summer

Summer just makes you think of the beach and romance. Maybe even combining the two by reading a romance story on the beach. The Baker and the Beauty has the perfect summertime vibe to it with its blue skies, bright colors, and various locales. It’s a perfect sort of series to watch when the weather is warm and you don’t want to think too hard.

The Beauty and the Baker just sort of embodies those best parts of summer: the fun, the friends, and the first brushes of a new romance. It’s just sweet and is perfectly paired with pina colada in catching up with the latest episodes.

It’s really good

Rom-coms are usually a hit or miss sort of things with the critics. When they’re hits, then they are humongous hits. When they’re misses, then they tend to catastrophes. The Baker and the Beauty holds an 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, meaning that it is certified fresh. 

It’s largely agreed that it’s a light, fun, summertime romance series that’s perfect escapism. Because, let’s be real, we should probably not watch the news 24/7 news cycle as much as we’ve all have been doing.

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  • I truly loved this show and was completely devastated to discover it was cancelled by ABC. I signed the ongoing petition created on and I hoping with the many signatures obtained, it will be enough for another media outlet to pick up this g-r-e-a-t show.

    July 3, 2020

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