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With double-whammy hurricanes heading for Texas right now, Texans are doing what they can to prepare. Texas, we send our prayers & memes your way.

Texas’s reaction to double hurricanes: Turn it into a meme

A couple days ago, Louisiana & Texas were preparing for the incoming tropical storm Marco. Luckily the storm largely dissipated in Louisiana, leaving Texas land mostly unscathed. However, Texas hasn’t seen the end of the storm’s fury yet. With news of Tropical Storm Laura approaching, Texans are coping with a double-whammy hurricane threat. 

With anticipation high, everyone has their way of preparing for an oncoming storm. Some rush to the store to stock up on emergency supplies – nonperishables, water, toilet paper, household essentials. Texans, however, are handling their dread a different way. 

How does one face incredible misfortune & utter ruin? Texas is finding a way to laugh about it – and they’ll probably be throwing back a couple beers while they’re at it. Texas, we send our prayers & memes your way. In memes we trust. 

Bring it on

Patriotism & guns can fight a hurricane, right? 

Texas public service announcement

Drinking through a quarantine is a given – especially in Texas. Might as well keep the party going, right? 

Brisket: A hurricane essential

Apparently in Texas brisket is such an important staple that it needs to be rationed – limited to two per person. Can’t face a devastating hurricane without brisket, duh!

Texas-size storm

Texans are always bragging about how big their state is, and how they have extra large everything. Sorry Texas, you were asking for this giant hurricane.

Bring it on. 

Talk about a tough guy attitude.


Who needs any other kind of speed measurement? Cats are much cuter than anemometers. 

Storm outside, party inside

What else is there to do except drink away your troubles? 

Please be safe Texas

All of these activities look like a really bad idea – but they also look fun. But, seriously, don’t try it Texans!

Texas bar in 2020 

Oh, 2020 – how you have tortured us so. We’d like our money back. 

Hurricaine to-dos 

This list pretty much sums it up. RIP Texas. Wishing you the best. 

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