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Children of the 90s! Lend us your ears! 'Supermarket Sweep' has been added to Netflix for your viewing enjoyment. Here's what we know.

‘Supermarket Sweep’ just got added to Netflix: Why you need to watch

Children of the 90s! Lend us your ears! Supermarket Sweep has been added to Netflix for your viewing enjoyment. Why is this important? Why does this matter? What is Supermarket Sweep and why are millennials so excited about it? Good questions all, reader. With the addition of the beloved game show on Netflix, here’s everything you need to know about Supermarket Sweep.

What is Supermarket Sweep?

Originally, Supermarket Sweep aired from 1965 to 1967 on ABC. The game show was simple. There was a quiz show component of the series followed by a live timed race throughout a supermarket where you loaded your cart with the most expensive items you could get your hands on. The team with the highest value of stuff in their cart was crowned the winner. 

What the quiz round did was add time to the base of 1 minute and 30 seconds to the team that answered the questions correctly. While the 60s series was popular enough, what people really remember of Supermarket Sweep was when it aired during the 90s and early 00s on Lifetime and PAX TV. 

Isn’t this getting rebooted?

Leslie Jones (Saturday Night Live) will host the new version of Supermarket Sweep for ABC, which was aiming for a Spring 2020 filming period. Buuut given the general state of the world, we’re thinking it’s going to be a while until we see that version of Supermarket Sweep on our screens. 

Last we heard, the show will debut on ABC in Fall 2020 at Sundays 8/7c. So keep an eye to see if that’s still happening! 

Why should I watch Supermarket Sweep

Supermarket Sweep is just cheesy fun. You’re not going into Supermarket Sweep to get a deep thought experiment. You watch Supermarket Sweep to yell at Marylin for not understanding the price of organic tomatoes and chant “go for the caviar” when the teams start their runs through the grocery store. 

It’s just good ol’ game show fun. You want your favorite team to win. You want your least favorite team to lose. The effect of a series like Supermarket Sweep is still felt today. If you watched the Food Network, then you’ve seen Guy’s Grocery Games. It’s the same idea, just with a cooking component instead of a quiz. 

Supermarket Sweep is just fun to watch. The episodes are quick and easy to get through. With all the general ugh-ness of the world, Supermarket Sweep is perfect to binge for when you don’t want to challenge your brain too much. But, seriously Marylin, learn the price of green beans.

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