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Indie filmmakers, actors, and industry people can use the chatbot SnatchBot in their business to communicate with customers, staff, fans or crew.

“No coding” chatbot SnatchBot is the future, says Avi Ben Ezra

If you’ve visited our site more than once you’ll know were obsessed with utilizing AI tools to help streamline your film business. That’s why we were delighted to hear all about Avi Ben Ezra and SnatchBot, who have recently upgraded their product to be even more useful than before. 

Why do I need a chatbot to help me run my business?

As a filmmaker you’re probably thinking “How can a chatbot help me?” We’ve got a really simple answer to your question. If you have a website and customers, a chatbot can help you streamline your business so you can spend more time making and less time on sales.

SnatchBot is transforming how companies do business. We’re here today to help you understand how this cutting-edge technology is accessible to all.

Here’s why SnatchBot version 2 is so great

The SnatchBot story began in 2015 with the lofty goal of making bot-building easy and accessible for everyone. They are a company that truly believes in the power of chatbots. 

Indie filmmakers, actors, and industry people can use chatbots in their business to communicate with customers, staff, fans or crew. SnatchBot is committed to making the experience of using a chatbot as easy as it can.

Avi Ben Ezra is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Cofounder of SnatchBot and SnatchApp (Snatch Group Limited). With his 15+ years in the technology sector (specifically the AI and fintech), he’s been able to engineer a new and improved version of SnatchBot which goes above and beyond the already great functionality of this chat app.

SnatchBot v2 promises to go beyond what all the competition in the chatbot market offers. The product brings the customer all the elements they need to have a great user experience. SnatchBot is rich in features, has great UX and is easy to use in fact we’re calling it the easiest to use chatbot service on the market today. It’s also free to get started.

SnatchBot’s great functions 

Let’s chat UX. If you’re even a passing internet entrepreneur you’ll know that UX is the basis of all products. If your UX is bad, your web company will fail; if it’s good you’re golden. 

SnatchBot has made their new interface as sleek and modern as possible with huge customization capacity. What’s more is that the dashboard has a variety of available data so you can control all communication. The dashboard is updated in real time so you’ll never miss an interaction.

If you have no coding skills you’ll be stoked to hear that SnatchBot is a revolutionary “coding free” platform. This means you’ll be able to create chatbots yourself without employing an expensive coder or learning to code.

Have you heard about SnatchBot’s Omni-channel communication capabilities? This means that you can build just one chatbot and have it chat for you across multiple communication channels such as: email, Messenger, Telegram, and Viber. We’re all about saving you time, and this function is going to save us all plenty.

Finally, SnatchBot makes data extraction easy: you’ll be able to download your conversations, convert your leads, and monitor everything simply and easily from its dashboard.

You said free?

SnatchBot have made their product open and accessible for all with their free version. This version of SnatchBot means that indie filmmakers, community organizations and charities can utilize all the benefits of chatbots without paying a penny.  

Looking for community?

We hear ya. Running a business can be really lonely; sometimes you need a little inspiration from others. SnatchBot have created an amazing Bot Directory where over 1,000 bot creators have shared their work. You can search this database using filters relating to your industry.  

What about voice chatting?  

We’re predicting that text-to-speech will be the #1 way clients outreach to customers in the next five years. Forerunning the trend, SnatchBot added this functionality to their app already. You can get ahead of the curve with this exciting new feature and open up your market to visually impaired users.

What are you waiting for? If you’re a filmmaker, a director, a writer, an actor, a model or a creative, you can let AI help you grow your business now. Join the revolution – make your work life easier so you can spend less time on business administration and more time being creative. Integrate SnatchBot now and when you have, let us know exactly how much time you’re saving every month.

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