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10 reasons why Jerry Seinfeld’s net worth is higher than most comedians

Pete Davidson might have the hottest girlfriends, yet, Jerry Seinfeld is the richest comedian. But why is Seinfield’s net worth considerably higher than all the other comedians? The truth is being visible & famous does not always guarantee to have a wealthy net worth, in fact, several multi-millionaire celebs made their fortune aside from their artistic career. Is this Jerry Seinfeld’s case? Here’s all you need to know. 

Jerry Seinfeld has clearly dominated the world of comedy, but he has proven to also be a brilliant businessman and not precisely by earning big brands. The truth is all of his contracts have been strategically negotiated in order to benefit his interests in the long term. From the Seinfeld series in 1989 to now Jerry is definitely collecting the fruits of all the smart career decisions that he’s taken.

Like many other comedians, he started off on a stage doing stand-up comedy, before scriptwriting one of the most successful sitcoms of all time. Several sources report the comedian saw huge success when Seinfeld went into syndication earning paychecks from Netflix that reflect unnamable sums of money. It’s ironic to think that nobody ever pictured this show becoming one of the most legendary ones. 

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A show about nothing 

Seinfeld, the show about nothing, has been everything to comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s bank account. Yet, as we mentioned, this has nothing to do with the show’s great script, although the show always remained a hit during its entire nine-season run. The truth is Jerry Seinfield followed a strategy to keep earning millions of dollars each year from the sitcom after its finale. 

When the series first began, Seinfield earned around $20,000 per episode, which was definitely already an impressive amount. Nevertheless, It didn’t take too long before he became the first sitcom actor to make a million dollars per episode. Though it’s possible and other iconic series like Friends have reached that same goal, arriving at that point definitely worth recognition. 

We know the sitcom has Seinfeld’s name but there are other actors too, right? What about them, did they earn as much as Jerry Seinfeld? Well,  the answer is no, for the rest of the cast amounts were a bit different. It is estimated that the rest of the cast has earned around $600,000 per episode for their contributions. Although more than half a million dollars per episode is a lot it pales in comparison to Seinfeld’s earnings.

Further than all of Seinfeld’s profits during the filming of the series, he has certainly maintained his net worth due to the amounts he’s still receiving. All this is thanks to a back-end equity arrangement, combined with his syndication earnings. Seinfeld owns 7.5% of the entire sitcom’s back-end equity points, but what is his current net worth?  

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Jerry Seinfeld’s net worth 

Seinfeld’s current net worth is estimated to be $950 million. Till now we’ve only analyzed his earnings from Seinfeld’s show, but as if it weren’t enough, the sitcom isn’t his only income. Let’s have in mind the comedian tours and stand-up specials on several platforms which leave others abundant incomes.  

Seinfeld is estimated to personally earn around twenty and fifty million dollars per year, it all depends if he’s touring or not. Only from a national tour, the comedian earns up to twenty million. In 2020, Netflix paid him that same amount for exclusive rights to his special 23 Hours to Kill. A year before, in 2019, Seinfeld earned fifty million only from Netflix deals & touring.

Jerry‘s economic advice would definitely be to make all financial decisions always thinking about the future. A large but unique immediate payment may sound tempting, but an eternal royalty is definitely the best choice. 

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