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How to Secure Your Home and Furniture While Traveling

Leaving your home alone while you are traveling is never safe. We all have heard stories about people breaking into houses and stealing things, furniture, and other stuff ruining because of natural disasters including floods and dust storms. Fixing damaged things can cost us a lot. Therefore, it is better to take precautions to avoid such situations. In this blog, we are going to discuss some ways in which you can secure your home and furniture while traveling. Make sure not to miss any of these steps.

  1. Clearing of Storm Drains and Gutters

While you are planning to go out for a vacation, make sure to check out the drains. We never know when a rainstorm hits the ground eventually and floods everything. You can wipe off excess water when at home, but in order to prevent any chances of flooding while traveling, clear storm drains and gutters.

In addition to it, cover your furniture with protected sheets to avoid any damage in case dust or water enters the house. You can cover your sofa using an appropriate size coverlet and use slipcovers recliners in order to keep them well protected.

  1. Professionally Monitored Home Security System

Getting a professionally monitored home security system is one of the most important things to do before you go out traveling. The home security system includes fixing centuries around windows and doors and placing cameras to record the activity in the home. Depending upon the nature of the security system, it may be monitored or automatic. Having an automatic home security system gives the benefit of sending a call to authorities on your behalf when the sensors fit in the home bongs the alarm. This can save you from any kind of breach.

  1. Environmental Sensors

In addition to sensing human activity, make sure to opt for the option of availing environmental sensors too. These sensors can notify you of any kind of environmental disaster, it is about to come. For example, detectors can help detect floods by calculating the moisture in the air that can be an indication of broken appliances or pipes. Most security systems also give the advantage of detecting smoke and carbon monoxide to warn you of any fumes or fire.

  1. Programmable or Smart Thermostat

A programmable or smart thermostat can help you adjust the temperature of your home manually. It is advised to set your thermostat to 4° below or above the normal temperature you set when you go for a vacation. If you are traveling in winter, avoid setting temperature below 50 degrees Fahrenheit since it can cause freezing of pipes. In case of temperature change, the programmable thermostat can be used to schedule the temperature before time. So it is evident how helpful it is.

  1. No Notice of your Absence

A very important tip that can help you from any kind of robbery is to avoid putting any notice or informing anybody about your upcoming trip via social media, voicemail, or email auto reply. Although it is difficult, refrain from posting your pictures away from home on your social media accounts. It can give the robbers a hint that you are not home. If it is important to notice people, make sure you are telling this to trustworthy people like your friends and family members. Also, in case of an automatic email reply, make sure to compose automated emails in a way that they do not clearly indicate your absence.

  1. Outdoor Security Lights

Try keeping your home illuminated with outdoor lights. This is because most burglars seek dark spots to sit in. Keeping your home and its surrounding lighted means keeping it safe and free from any wanderers.

  1. Smart Lock Door

Another important piece of advice is to install a smart door lock. A smart door lock can help you keep your home safe since it would be only visible to unlock the door from a smartphone. You can also open the door for your neighbor or any friend to check in the house for you and then lock the door again. This would also remove any hurdles of keeping the key with you and worrying about duplicate keys.

So, these are some ways in which you can secure your home and furniture while traveling. Following these steps is worth the cost. You only have to spend money at once and ensure its long-term protection.

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