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Join our fan film in the fight to save ‘Whiskey Cavalier’

There’s nothing more frustrating than a promising show getting canceled when it’s just getting started. ABC’s action-comedy drama Whiskey Cavalier got exactly that treatment. Canceled after only one short season, Whiskey Cavalier follows the FBI agent Will Chase (Scott Foley) who, after an emotional break-up, is assigned to work with CIA operative Francesca ‘Frankie’ Trowbridge (Lauren Cohan). 

Whiskey Cavalier’s Will (codename: Whiskey Cavalier) and Frankie (codename: Fiery Tribune) lead an inter-agency team of quirky, hilarious and heroic spies — including Will’s best friend, behavioral scientist Susan Sampson (Ana Ortiz) and jittery genius Edgar Standish (Tyler James Williams) periodically saving the world.

Why is Whiskey Cavalier worth saving?

We can sum up the reasons to save Whiskey Cavalier in one word: chemistry. While the show isn’t suddenly reinventing television, Foley and Cohan are beautifully matched. Each star possesses their own scene-stealing charisma that makes the show fun and feisty. The chemistry of the cast doesn’t stop with the two leads, Ana Ortiz is a glorious addition to the team as Will’s BFF who has a professional crush on Frankie. 

Behind the camera, Whiskey Cavalier boasts executive producer Bill Lawrence (Scrubs, Cougar Town) and showrunner David Hemingson (The Catch), both experts at creating the kind of television that’s a blast to watch. 

Whiskey Cavalier has a solid retro, Moonlighting vibe, led by the banter between the Will and Frankie. Featuring lots of action and the kind of dialogue that you want to steal for your own snarkiness, it’s just the kind of lighthearted attention-grabbing television we need right now.

You had me at Foley and Cohan. What’s next?

ABC almost did an about-face to revive Whiskey Cavalier. We know they want to, they just need a little nudge. The finale had a big jump in the ratings and featured cliffhangers than fans need to be resolved. Even if ABC isn’t interested in another season of Whiskey Cavalier, it could still find a home on Amazon Prime or Netflix. 

We are determined to get the word out that Whiskey Cavalier is worth saving, so we’re putting together a film about the Whiskey Cavalier fanbase, and why we want more seasons. We’ll use this film to show decision-makers how committed to the show fans really are.

Here’s how you can help us:

  • If you’re comfortable showing yourself on camera, send us a smartphone video of yourself telling us in your native language exactly why you love Whiskey Cavalier.
  • If you’re not comfortable being on camera, just send us your quote about why you love Whiskey Cavalier, and we’ll make graphics to go with your quote.

All you have to do is fill out the form below. 

Why do you love Whiskey Cavalier?

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