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Maintaining a nice room is a crucial part of a nice home. Here are some tips on how to mastermind a room makeover.

5 Tips for Your Room Makeover

So, you’ve decided to makeover one of the rooms in your house. It doesn’t really matter what the last straw was, but at some point, you stopped walking in and admiring the beauty, and started to notice the spots or patches that show wear and tear from the last few years.

Giving a room a makeover can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not already DIY-savvy, but with these 5 top tips for your room makeover, you’ll be done and dusted in no time. 

Time For a Clear Out! 

If you’re thinking about making over a room, the first thing you should do is assess what’s stored in there and whether or not you actually need it. Decluttering a space prior to redecorating will give you a clearer idea of the room’s potential and what you can do with it. 

The main things you should look at include any old furniture you’ve been hanging on to, old ornaments and decorations, and anything you think is no longer serving you or the room.

A good way to get rid of old belongings is to donate them to friends, family, or charity, to save them from going to waste or ending up in landfills which are bad for the environment.

Update the Wallpaper 

Over time, wallpaper can start to peel, or the pattern you loved at the time can turn into a jumbled mess of blurry colors that you can no longer stand to look at.

Updating the wallpaper in your room will change the whole space, giving it a fresh, new look. There are thousands of designs and different colors to choose from and you can easily learn how best to install it on the walls by watching a couple of YouTube instructions videos.

If you’re choosing a bold-patterned wallpaper, don’t be afraid to make it a feature of the room and coordinate the rest of the room’s color scheme to match it. You don’t have to wallpaper all four walls using the same paper, you could just pick one or two and make an accent wall. 

Lighting Check 

Lighting can have a significant effect on your mood without you even realizing it, so switching up the room’s lighting when you’re mid-makeover is never going to hurt.

Whether you swap out the lampshades for new ones or you replace the light fittings entirely, new light can bring new life to your room and can change the whole atmosphere it creates.

Rooms look best when they’re bathed in light, so try adding some smaller lamps or consider replacing any curtains in the room to allow more natural light in through the window.

Pro tip – it’s also a good idea to switch to LED lightbulbs, which are better for the environment as well as your bank balance as they consume less electricity. 

Pick a Bold Paint Color

Changing the color scheme in a room is one of the easiest ways to make it over without necessarily having to go out and buy a load of new stuff.

Don’t just pick the first paint color you find, however. You shouldn’t underestimate the power and influence that color can have over your space, so choose wisely!

Dark colors, for example, can be gorgeously glam and will bring a modern feel to any room, so look to deep blues, dark gray, or colors that are closer to black, if you would prefer that.

Bright colors like crimson red, hot pink, bold oranges, and yellows, are able to create an aesthetic for your room that is bursting with personality, but they are not the most calming or relaxing colors, so keep the intended purpose of the room in mind.    

Regulate the Room Temperature

Making over one of your rooms is the perfect time to sit and think about what could improve your experience of the time you spend here. One of the main things is room temperature, as it’s often quite chilly in the cooler months and claggy or humid when it’s warmer.

To deal with the latter part of the problem, this list of the best cooler for windows is a good place to start. For more advice on how to pick room decor that helps to keep your home cool, check out this article on 5 simple swaps you can make this summer.

In addition to air coolers, you could also look at getting a new fan and positioning it near a window so that it blows the fresh air from outside in and around your home to keep it cool.

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