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If you are a cinema buff, it replicates in the decor of your living space. Here are incredible movie-inspired bedroom decor ideas.

7 Incredible Movie-Inspired Ideas For Your Bedroom Decor

If you are a cinema buff, it replicates in the decor of your living space more often than not. You will gravitate naturally towards everything lavish, dramatic, and eye-catching, just as things are in the movies. When it comes to bedroom decor, you will probably want to go the extra mile to ensure that it reflects your discerning taste and inclination towards cinematic grandeur.

Thankfully, there is nothing much you need to do to bring the element to your bedroom’s look and feel. Moreover, it would not require you to spend a fortune as well. Here are some incredible movie-inspired ideas that you can try for your bedroom decor and your master bedroom canopy beds styles.

Accent walls

When it comes to replicating a movie mood in this part of your living space, an accent wall can just do the trick. A striking contrast color on the wall behind the bed is the simplest way to add a vibrant effect to the room. You can opt for a textured wall for making it more attention-grabbing or even have your favorite movie characters painted on the wall if you want to try something bold. Just be as creative as you can and recreate your ideas on the wall.

A photo gallery

Another cool decor idea for a movie-inspired bedroom is to create a photo gallery on one of the walls. Pick a wall that you want to be the centerpiece of the room and cover it with pictures and posters of your favorite movie stars or movies. You can opt for a theme depending on your preference in this art form, such as action, drama, or romance. Conversely, you can put up random pictures of anything you like. Placing them strategically can help you give a dramatic impact to the gallery.

Flooring fantasy

Surprisingly, the flooring you choose for the bedroom can add a movie-like appeal to the decor. It has the potential to be the most discerning decor element as it can catch attention just when someone steps in. Textured flooring is a great idea if you want a visibly dramatic effect with designs like checks and mosaic. On the other hand, you can opt for regular wood or marble flooring if you have a simpler taste. Adding colorful and patterned rugs can bring an incredible effect to the plainest of floors. 

Custom bedding

Custom bedding is perhaps the most inexpensive way to add cinematic splendor to your bedroom. You can easily have the photo of your favorite stars or stills from the latest movies printed on duvets and comforters with VisionBedding, the specialist in personalized bedding. Match it with a photo blanket and rug, and you have a perfectly-themed room that you will love to show off. It is an amazing idea to bring your vision to life, and the best part is that you can pick a few prints to change the decor often. 

Bedroom canopy

For discerning movie buffs who like everything grand, a classic bedroom canopy makes an excellent decor idea. Choosing the right color is important because it should complement the rest of the elements. A bright color goes well with white or light-colored walls, while you can opt for a dull shade if the bedroom walls are painted bright. Multi Colored and patterned canopies look good in kids’ bedrooms. If you have a little one who wants an animation-inspired room, hang up a canopy with their favorite character.

Drapes and curtains

Another decor element that gives you plenty of scopes to make a dreamy bedroom is drapes and curtains. Simple ones work well with bold decor, while you can add a dose of drama with bright and sequined drapes and curtains if the room is designed subtly. A mix of the two makes another excellent decor idea. You can even try custom printed curtains to match the personalized beddings for completing the look.


A movie-inspired decor for your bedroom isn’t complete without the right lighting. Although you must prioritize natural lights, unique fittings and lamp shades enhance the decor and bring the drama when you turn them on in the evenings. Try vintage designs in fittings or look for contemporary pieces depending on the overall theme. You may even fix up small fairy lights behind the bed or around an accent corner in the room. 

Apart from these decor elements for a movie-inspired bedroom, don’t miss out on a big screen TV and home theater system. Invest in a comfy couch or recliner chairs so that you can have the best cinematic experiences every evening, right inside your bedroom! 

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