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New charges have surfaced regarding Ron Jeremy and the sexual assault of women. Here's how Jeremy's penis led him from a porn career to life as an abuser.

How Ron Jeremy’s penis led him to a porn career and life as an abuser

New charges have surfaced regarding porn actor Ron Jeremy and the sexual assault of women. Back in June, Jeremy had already been charged with the rape of three women and the sexual assault of another. Now, new charges are being brought against the porn megastar for the rape and sexual assault of at least a dozen new victims. 

The twenty new counts of sexual violence being brought against Jeremy date back to 2004 and include allegations that he sexually assaulted a teenage girl at a party in Santa Clarita. The new charges include victims that range from as young as fifteen, right up to much older women in their fifties. A twenty-one-year-old woman is claiming Jeremy sexually assaulted her outside a Hollywood business in January 2020. 

The new charges being brought against the adult entertainment star are colorful, to say the least. They include six counts of sexual battery by restraint, five counts of rape, three counts of forced oral copulation, and two counts of forced penetration with a foreign object. They also include penetration by a foreign object on an unconscious or sleeping victim, and lewd conduct with a minor. 

Jeremy pleaded not guilty to his former charges and was expected to do the same for the new charges brought against him on Monday, this week. He is currently sitting in jail in Los Angeles county being held on $6.6 million bail. If convicted, Jeremy faces up to 250 years in prison. 

Ron Jeremy is considered to be one of the biggest adult entertainment icons to ever exist. He has starred in over 2000 adult movies, and gained notoriety for his trademark moustache. Jeremy has even landed himself in the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most Appearances in Adult Films”. Some of his more notable titles include Deep Throat II and John Wayne Bobbit Uncut. 

Ron Jeremy was born in Queen, New York to a middle-class Jewish couple from Russia and Poland. He left his job in the teaching profession to pursue a career on Broadway when he reports he learned what it meant to really be broke. To make ends meet, Jeremy took some work posing for Playgirl, and used this moment to catapult his acting career into the adult entertainment domain. 

Ron Jeremy denies the allegations against him and has been previously quoted as saying that he hopes the real perpetrator of these crimes is found. Jeremy recently took to Twitter claiming his innocence, tweeting “I am innocent of all charges. I can’t wait to prove my innocence in court! Thank you to everyone for all the support”

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