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While they’re far and few, there’s plenty of beautiful romances focused around lesbian couples. Here's some romantic lesbian movies to watch with bae.

Romantic lesbian movies to watch with your bae this quarantine

If you’re not quarantined alone and get to live with your partner, we’re stupidly jealous. Getting to spend this time off with the one you love is such a gift that should not be taken lightly. Granted, you probably have learned way too much about each other at this point thanks to being locked inside.

So take a break from the crazy world outside, and give yourselves an at-home date night. Pop open your favorite bottle of wine, order your favorite meal take out, and cuddle up on the couch with some romantic movies. But we’re not talking just your normal Nicholas Sparks film.

While they’re far and few, there’s plenty of beautiful romances focused around lesbian couples that don’t get the appreciation they deserve. If you decide to take our brilliant date night idea, mix it up by watching one of these heartfelt romance films. 

Blue is the Warmest Color

Sure, this one is definitely not unknown, but it’s underrated by most people outside of film Twitter. A coming of age story focused around two young women coming into their own together is raw and emotional, while teaching us the true meaning of love and relationships.


Ok, so less a romance and more a drama, but stand-up comic Tig Notaro made headlines in 2012 around her breast cancer diagnosis and the way she was handling it. But at the same time, she was working on becoming pregnant with her fiancee Stephanie Allynne. Watching how the two of them navigate this behind the scenes will make you cry watching this doc. 

Duck Butter

What should seem like a healthy test of trust turns out completely unexpected when two women are completely honest with each other over a 24 hours period. It’s an interesting look at the honesty/dishonesty argument in romantic relationships and whether the truth really sets us free or not. 

Loving Annabelle

Sadly, it’s an all too real scenario where those identifying as LGBTQ have to decide whether to reveal themselves or keep their job if they work at a Catholic institution. Loving Annabelle has a beautiful romance, with a tragic story of discrimination to go alongside it. 

The Feels

When a lesbian couple puts on a shared bachelorette party, it starts going off the rails when one of the brides admits she’s never had an orgasm. But it’s a hell of a story following that point, as the brides and their bridesmaids start working through their issues. While being a great lesbian romance, it’s a great story of friendship too.

Elisa & Marcela

A historical romance based on Spain’s first same-sex marriage, it captures not only the beautiful love between the two women, but their fight to be able to celebrate it in the same way as everyone else. 

Yes or No

This Thai romance has the cliched butch and fem looking lesbians falling in love, but as the first Thai film to feature a lesbian romance, it’s still pretty impressive. Plus seeing them take down the one girl’s parents with conservative views is pretty great. 

Lez Bomb

We all know family holidays are stressful whether you’re gay or not. But when you’re gay in a homophobic household, they’re especially stressful. This rom-com takes on the holidays while also queerifying more heteronormative rom-com tropes, which we are so here for. 

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