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Was Rihanna inappropriate about her son in recent IG post?

Was it inappropriate for Rihanna to post her son on social media? While several public figures keep extreme secrecy over their family, especially over their children, Rihanna decided to share her son with the world. Honestly, this is a decision where parents are the only responsible figures, the rest of the world shouldn’t have a say. Nonetheless, as a public figure, people have opined over Ri. 

Rihanna was obviously in the front page of British Vogue this month, a beautiful editorial shoot was made with her and her family. Red Satin bed sheets, an elegant messy look on her and a beautiful white celestial cradle were some of the elements. These pictures are all over the place now since its Rihanna we’re talking about, however, you can easily find them on Ri’s instagram official account @badgalriri. 

Although the Super Bowl Halftime Show by Rihanna was already almost a week ago, the hype around this goddess is far from disappearing. Further than a good artist, Rihanna is a revolutionary figure, not only in music, which is why her persona will never go unnoticed. We’re talking about a hyper talented woman who is now a billionaire. Anyway, let’s talk about her son. 

Neither Rihanna nor A$AP Rocky has confirmed any of the cheating rumors. Yet, we can't help but wonder if he slid in Amina Muaddi's Instagram DMs?

Rihanna’s son 

Several people still think a child is the way to save a relationship, spoiler alert, it isn’t, don’t you ever think of doing it. Some months ago Rihanna became a trend again, but this time the topic regarded an alleged infidelity from her sentimental partner A$AP Rocky. To this, Rihanna kept silent, little did we know the size of the surprise we’ll be receiving at the Super Bowl. 

Apparently, A$AP Rocky’s infidelity was all rumors. All we can think of now about these two, is about how lucky their son is to have such an iconic and talented pair of parents. The singer has also opened up about the way he feels being a father. At an interview with Complex where he said: “It’s beautiful. Honestly, I think fatherhood gives me more time to do exactly what I want.

Undoubtedly, Rihanna’s son has the world on his hands, as well as an amazing wardrobe according to his parents. Yet, just right now it looks like Rihanna is busier than ever, aside from motherhood, which is a full-time job, she had the Oscars and the  Super Bowl. Although this might be a good moment for Rihanna to rest a little, it looks like it barely started. 

Rihanna’s powerful pregnancy 

All these years that Rihanna was off stage, our girl was extremely busy becoming a billionaire businesswoman. During her halftime show at the Super Bowl it was more than evident that she’s pursuing her second pregnancy. Would it be a boy again? Son or daughter it would definitely have a great life and we’re not talking about luxury, but the desire Ri has of being a mother. 

Rihanna has never looked happier, and our girl has gone through some hard stuff, she’s also more beautiful than ever and that’s something to say. Fortunately, no harm lasts forever and for this reason, we couldn’t be happier for one of our favorite stars to be in love, billionaire and a mother by choice. If it was inappropriate for Ri to share her son’s picture on instagram, is something that could only concern her. 

The only girl in the world that does a Super Bowl halftime show pregnant after almost a decade of not stepping in a scenery has shown us what power means. While last year Rihanna announced her pregnancy through a photoshoot in New York she now made sure no pregnancy reveal would beat hers. Let’s keep waiting for Ri’s next daughter or son’s instagram post! 

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