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Did Rihanna confront the Illuminati at the Super Bowl?

Despite Trump’s opinion, we think Rihanna’s performance last Sunday was one of the Super Bowl’s most epic Halftime shows. Reasons are countless but we’ll try to mention some. First of all, the girl had almost a decade out of music becoming a billionaire: second, she announced her second pregnancy through the show. Finally, her styling, choreography, and whole marketing concept were amazing. 

If you weren’t planning on buying Fenty Beauty products or Savage X lingerie we’re sure you will if you haven’t already. Usually, Super Bowl Halftime Shows change the life of the performers and their net worths. While your friends announce their pregnancies through an Instagram post, Ri did so through a worldwide televised epic performance. But did she announce she’s an Illuminati too? 

Several comments have arisen over this performance, and many of them have to do with a conspiracy regarding the Illuminati. We all know there’s a group of people controlling the world right? Well, there’s a lot of conspiracy about Rihanna giving them a message, but did she? And if so, what is our beloved Rihanna trying to say? Here’s all you need to know about Rihanna’s performance at the Superbowl. 

Rihanna & the Illuminati

During her performance at the Superbowl, Rianna made a diamond sign during her song under the same name. Yet, triangles can also be read as many other symbols. According to fans that recognized the Illuminati triangle symbol made by Rihanna during her halftime performance at the Super Bowl, TV cameras cut away immediately. 

First of all, let’s clarify what the Illuminati is. For this, you need to know there are two versions of it, an official association inspired in the illustration period, and a conspiracy fictitious one. The fictitious story is claimed by people it being a secret global organization that wants to do something in the world! As well as being behind numerous revolutions and murders in history.

Many celebrities have been accused of getting into the Illuminati, which is complex because for that you should somehow earn a lot of power. This is where things become interesting since Rihanna isn’t only powerful economically but also politically since she’s a racialized woman that survived precariousness. Would there even be space for a racialized woman in the Illuminati? 

As usual, opinions are strongly polarized this time. Some fans say it could definitely be a statement or a response towards this institution. Meanwhile, the other side of the conversation claims that the singer might be ‘part of the club. Another group of opinions thinks Rihanna’s performance was a way to ‘renew her Illuminati contract’. But should we fall into conspiracy?

Illuminati conspiracy & signs 

After a pandemic, many of us might think it is irrefutable that there is a powerful congregation somehow controlling the world. Our bodies, their vulnerability, and the vaccines they get to have under a mandate are likely to be controlled decisions, the black thread isn’t new. Yet, what we call those institutions can vary, what the Illuminatis have is that they’re secret. 

If they really exist, we mortals have no way to understand the way they work, and if we tried, the ending might not be happy. Also, aside from all the conspiracy it gets hard to get real information to lay over.  Nonetheless, there are certain signs that can be read as Illuminati, like triangles, which were a constant in Ri’s show. Yet, they’re also a good strategy to keep her always in the center no matter where you look from. 

Another fan said the triangle she did with her hands could also have been a tribute to Jay-Z, who we know helped Ri a lot during the beginning of her career. This can make more sense to many than Rihanna, a pregnant, successful woman trying to contact an underground, dangerous, conspiracy association through her comeback. 

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