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Do you have a leak in your new inflatable castle? Don't worry! Repair your bouncy castle and pinpoint leaks with ease by following these simple steps.

Jumping-castle and inflatable water side patch-kit and proper repair

Is your jumping castle not inflating, or is there some air leakage noticeable? Then it’s the ideal time to repair it. You need a patch kit to repair the inflatable water side for adults. By putting on duct tape simply on the torn spot, you can repair the jumping castle, and it’s the easiest method. 

Types of jumping castle repair 

  • Quick repair: It is the simplest way to repair a leakage or tear on a jumping castle. One can complete the process with duct tape or other sticky tapes as well. However, it is only an appropriate repairing way if the jumping castle is small, and so is the repairing spot. 
  • Proper repair: If it’s a small jumping castle, but the tear isn’t that small, you must not rely on mere duct tape. At this time, you should purchase a proper patch kit for the repair process. One needs to apply the patch on the torn spot using a heat gun or glue. 

This process is more reliable than the first one and will stay longer as well. 

  • Professional repair: If there is a tear around the seam or stitching of the castle, you need to follow a professional way to repair the damage. Before you apply any repair patch on the torn spot, you need to stitch it carefully. It requires a complete sewing repair patch kit to complete the process. 

Patch kits used to repair a jumping castle

  • Patch kit for quick repair: The quick repair process is hassle-free and convenient. There are only a few things you need for this. 
  • A cleaner: Before putting the duct tape on the torn spot, clean the surface using it. 
  • A soft cloth: Take a soft cloth to dry the patch area and also remove any dirt from there. 
  • Duct tape or other tapes: Finally, cut the duct tape into proper size according to torn spot size. The duct tape must be large compared to the spot. 
  • Patch kit for proper repair: When you have collected a complete patch kit to repair the jumping castle, you are ready to have a long-lasting repair. 
  • Cleaner: You need to clean the application area for both quick and permanent repair methods. 
  • Cloth and brush: While doing the process, you need a cloth for cleaning and drying the torn area. The brush will come in handy while applying glue around the patch.

  • Vinyl canvas or fabric patch: One has cut the patch into a round shape and keep it large than the torn area before applying it. 
  • Vinyl glue: To put on a patch to the spotted area, vinyl glue is needed. 
  • Heat gun: Except for brush, using heat to apply the glue more conveniently is a wise decision. 
  • A roller: The roller will work on to make the patch stay properly on the torn spot. 
  • Patch kit of professional repair: This repair is completely different from the above two methods, and it also requires more labor. 
  • Needle: To stitch the seam area, one needs a leather needle. It needs to have a larger gauge and eyelets. 
  • Thread: Only polyester cotton thread will go on well in such critical areas of a jumping castle. 
  • Scissors: You will undoubtedly need a scissor to complete the process. 

How to fix a hole in a jumping castle

  • Temporary method: 
  • To put duct tape on the hole or leakage area, you need to clean that particular spot. The dirt and debris will prevent the sticky tape from sticking on the castle surface. 
  • After properly cleaning it, cut the tape in comparatively a larger size and also ensure round corners. 
  • Now, peel one side of the tape a bit and put it on the starting spot. 
  • Ensure a tight pressure on starting spot of the tape and peel of the rest side to cover the whole repairing area. 

  • Permanent method: 
  • The cleaning method to apply a permanent patch is similar to a temporary one. 
  • Then cut the patch, which is around 20 mm larger than the applicable spot. It must have round edges. 
  • Then apply vinyl glue around the torn area and also on the opposite side of the patch. 
  • Now put the patch on and apply some pressure to make it fit. 
  • You can use a roller to finish the process. 

Can you stitch a jumping castle 

Yes, you can stitch a jumping castle when you have the sewing awl patch kit. A complete jumping castle sewing awl patch kit includes the necessary equipment for the stitching process. And if you know the basics of stitching, then you can stitch your jumping castle as well. 

How to seal seams on jumping castles 

First, you need to deflate the jumping castle and clean it as you need in the previous two repairing methods. Now follow the below steps to seal the seams. 

  • Now take the needle with polyester cotton thread and push it through the repairing spot. 
  • Then, pull the thread out until it can cover the whole town area. 
  • By holding the taken-out thread at one side of the torn area, apply the second stitch with the needle from the opposite direction. 
  • After that, pull back the needle to create a loop. Use the loop to make the first lock stitch in the torn area. 
  • Until you sew the whole area, you need to continue the process and also make sure the lock stitches are tight enough for secured stitching. 
  • Finis the process by tightening the thread ends tight and securely. 

How to find a leak in a jumping castle 

Before the repair process and purchasing a patch kit, one needs to get sure of the leakage and find it. 

  • If you feel air escaping from any spot of an inflated jumping castle, it’s the area you need to repair. 
  • Apply some soapy water on the jumping castle, and look if there is any bubble or not. The area producing bubbles is the area requiring repair. 
  • You can do the same thing without soapy water by simply submerging it into water. But only smaller models are appropriate for this. 

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