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We’re all continuing our long trek to get through the coronavirus quarantine. Here's some brand new coronavirus quarantine memes!

Coronavirus quarantine memes that come on like a personal attack

We’re all continuing our long trek to get through the coronavirus quarantine. It feels unending and it will probably be something that we’ll be doing on and off for, well, maybe years. While we all have a better understanding about those child nursery rhymes about the plague, the 21st century will be marked by our coronavirus memes during this time.

We’ve shared some of our favorites as we slowly go insane in our social distancing ways. Now we’re back with some brand new memes about the coronavirus for you all to check out. So here’s some of our newest favorites and hopefully, you get a chuckle from it.

1. Bored = dog helium

With all of us stuck inside these many weeks, we’re starting to do some really weird things to our pets. Luckily they seem pretty chill about it. Mostly.

2. COVID-19 burn

Snaps here because this burn is the fourth degree. Also educational too! One of the early symptoms of COVID-19 is a loss of taste or smell.

3. Zoom backgrounds: a flex

Who can make the best Zoom background? It’s a study in flex and also likes the new Games of Thrones or Highlander. There can be only one.

4. Nature is Healing

It’s pretty cool to see the Venice canals full of clean water and those goats in Wales becoming the new town overlords. But it always leads to a “humans are the disease” mentality, which, well, isn’t not true, but also harsher than needed. So why not poke fun at it a little?

5. Nature is Healing II: Duckie Boogaloo

Ah yes, we’ve heard the tale of the giant ducks of London. Nice to see that they have come home to roost, so to speak.

6. Nature is Healing III: The Return of Nessie

Awwww! Nessie feels no reason to hide away in her Loch. Good for Nessie. 

7. We’re all probably having some kind of breakdown

Sure, a go-pro in the dishwasher is one of the odder ones. But not as odd as the new urge millions are feeling to give themselves bangs or trying to cross-stitch. Or the bread. Everyone’s wanting to bake that bread.

8. Dwight’s time to shine

Dwight Schrute would be living his best life right now, tbh. 

9. Us after watching “Imagine”

Maybe celebs should put their money where their mouth is like Lady Gaga and raise/donate money to help out during this time? Just. Sayin’.

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