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Needing help figuring out what to wear to raves this summer? Take a look at the ideal clothing for a long night of dancing and partying.

What Do Girls Wear To Raves? Your Essential Guide

If you are planning on going to a rave, figuring out what exactly you should be wearing can sometimes feel like a big challenge. What the heck do people wear to raves anyway?

Well, it’s your lucky day. In this post, we run through some rave wardrobe essentials you’ll need to look incredible on the dance floor. Check them out below:

Something That Glows In The Dark

Raves can happen during the daytime, but most take place at night. For that reason, a lot of women’s rave clothing features reflective or glow-in-the-dark elements. Leggings, for instance, often have reflective strips that interact with strobe lighting to create shimmering effects. You can also get clothing that glows by itself without the need for an external light source, just like glow sticks.

The range of options available here is bigger than you might expect. Bright clothing helps you stand out and instantly creates appeal.

Sexy Body Stickers

Raves are a chance for you to go wild and dress as crazy as you like. So many women like to wear body stickers to complement their outfits.

As you might expect, many stickers are glow-in-the-dark just like rave clothing, so they shine brightly, even if you’re raving through the night. You can also get face jewels and body glitter to emphasize specific areas of your face and body.

Don’t Forget Your Rave Glasses

Rave glasses can look great and also help to protect your eyes from some of the bright strobe lights from the stage. They’re ideal for anyone with sensitive eyes or if you’re going for a classic cyberpunk look.

Wear A Water Pack (Like You’re Going Hiking)

Raves can be highly physical like hiking, if not more so. For that reason, you’ll want to take a convenient hydration pack with you, especially if you’re planning on partying through the night to the following morning. Fill the bladder with water or an electrolyte drink to provide all the fluids you’ll need to replace lost sweat.

Get Earmuffs

Listening to music louder than 85 decibels for a prolonged period can permanently damage your ears. As you might expect, at many raves, the volume regularly gets much louder than this, which makes ear protection essential.

If you want a girly look, you can buy thick fluffy earmuffs to go with your bodysuit. For something a little more discreet, you can use sponge earplugs. Both solutions will reduce the noise reaching your ears by around 30 decibels.

Always Wear Unique Clothing

Raves are an opportunity for you to wear some pretty unique clothing, whether it is a mini skirt and bra, leggings, or a bodysuit. Which style you choose is totally up to you. Just make sure that it’s daring.

Finally, Make Your Footwear Comfy

Some women wear heels to raves, but sneakers and platforms are the most common choices. You want shoes that will let you dance all night long without painful blisters or sore legs.

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