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Whether or not you agree, the US is starting to roll back on its quarantine protocols. Here are some hilarious quarantine memes that helped us through.

Quarantine memes: The best ones to celebrate restrictions slowly lifting

Whether or not you agree with it, the US is starting to roll back on its quarantine protocols. States are slowly implementing their phases in order to reopen after spending months on lockdown. While following social distancing protocols are encouraged, it seems like people are seeing these steps as the end of quarantine. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stop following protocols though.

No one wants a massive second wave of COVID-19 cases, after all. Still with the end of quarantine, let’s see the quarantine memes that celebrate this milestone. These quarantine memes tease us for our bad decisions and celebrate that we get to see other people in a nice, safe context again. 

1. This reunion may take awhile

A relationship between someone and their nail tech is a sacred bond. Still that’s a lot of touching another person’s hands. Maybe invest in some nail polish and take good precautions to make sure both of you are safe.

2. Ah yes the quarantine cut

Lots of people are rocking interesting haircuts after quarantine ends, lots of people. 

3. The 2020 summer greeting

“I’ve missed you!” Dated, old-fashioned, sounds disingenuous. “I haven’t seen you since the plague!” Fresh, relevant, conveying joy at you leaving through the plague.

4. When most of us were Harry Potter in his fourth year

For those not braving quarantine cuts, they let their hair grow and grow and grow.

5. Divorce lawyers making that $$$$$

How many couples are getting divorced after quarantine ends? A lot, we’re guessing. There are a lot of couples getting divorced with quarantine ending.

6. Seeing the crush after quarantine

Baby Yoda captures all the joy in seeing that crush after months locked away into quarantine. Baby Yoda captures all joy in our life. Long live, Baby Yoda.

7. Emerging from quarantine

Brows? Overgrown. Hair? Wild. Lashes? Busted. Nails? A wreck. We are forcibly removed from quarantine.

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