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Here’s everything you need to know about the Prince William “affair”

The royal family will never stop being a trending topic in this magazine. As it was commented about Megan & Prince Harry’s Netflix series, it looks like the royals are willing to become the new Kardashians. This year, we’ve heard Prince Andrew’s sexual assault demands, questioned Prince Charles’s relationship with Saville, cried for the queen, and now there’s Prince William’s affair.

Although probably none of us is close to meeting the royals, as spectators, we somehow know which members of this lineage have dark intentions. Those things are impossible to hide. However, Duchess Catherine & Prince William usually behave according to the royal lineaments, but what happened this time? Did Prince William actually cheat on Duchess Catherine and if so, what’s next?

Affairs & sexual assault aren’t something unaffiliated with the royal family. Remember that moment when the whole world was talking about Sarah Ferguson’s toes getting sucked by someone who wasn’t his by then-husband Prince Andrew?   In 2019 several rumors about Prince William cheating on Kate with  Rose Hanbury, a family friend, simmered. Here’s all you need to know. 

Duchess Catherine & Prince William 

It all started in 2002 at a fashion show at  St Andrew’s University, where Prince Andrew was first attracted to Kate, although they first begin relating as friends.  This royal couple got engaged in 2010, married a year later in 2011, and welcomed their first son in 2013, the couple currently shares three kids. They’ve shared together a ton of projects, travels, and magazine front covers but everything has a dark side. 

More than a decade has gone by since these two are together. Like other public couples, they become a fairytale referent of the perfect marriage for many. Their union has been described as solid, but can any relationship be labeled under this word? The truth is nothing lasts forever, especially romantic relationships, they’re always subject to change, even royal ones.

Kate Middleton, unlike Megan Markle, fit better in the royal standards, but as we can sense at this point, it hasn’t been all peaches & cream for Cate either. Being a public couple means there will always be a place for mediatic opinions positive & negative. Also, it means that the whole world has access to talk and modify the narrative around a relationship they’re not experiencing. But was the 2019 affair made up?

Prince William’s affair 

Some days after Prince William & Kate Middleton celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary, the couple announced their new project as a couple. They would debut as YouTubers, which is an excellent way to regain power in the writing of their story. However, incoming news has the ability to refresh old information, such as Prince William’s supposed affair in 2019. 

Although it was all proven to be “fake” or at least that was the most convenient thing to say for all parts. Kate did take her distance from her ex-friend Rose, banishing her from royal circles. The Duchess also asked Prince William to “phase Rose out” of their lives after the affair rumors broke around the entire world. Kates’s requests are understandable but at the same time unlogic, just like all sentimental decisions. 

If really nothing happened between William & Rose, and this girl is a good friend of the family, then there would be no reason to cut her from all social circles. After all, there were all rumors & mediatic gossip right? Yet, regardless of whether or not the infidelity was real, it looks like Kate is still insecure about herself. 

And how wouldn’t Kate feel insecure if romantic relationships are built over an impossible fiction, the so-called romantic love myth? Truly, this is something that appeals to all of us. May the Royal family start being a global reference for authentic relationships full of fears further than an unachievable goal, not even the royals have access to.

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