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Pre-rolled joints are more popular than ever. Find out why they are in such high demand and what makes them so easy to use.

The Demand for Pre-Rolled Joints has exceeded Diamonds

RAW cones have become the fastest-growing Cannabis packaging product, as cannabis consumers prefer the convenience of a readymade product. For people who do not know how to roll a joint, the RAW pre-roll cone is the perfect product for them.

Consumers were rolling their own joints before states began legalizing the use of medicinal and recreational cannabis. Cannabis producers and dispensaries are now producing ready-to-smoke joints, eliminating the need for you to do the effort. Therefore, the demand for rolling papers has increased as marijuana has become legal in more states, but the number of papers produced has not. The production of these Pre-rolls has also been affected due to the global pandemic but the demand for cannabis pre-rolls increased by 50%, confounding predictions that the widely shared product would suffer during this crisis.

These Pre-rolls have become a popular commodity due to a supply shortfall and rising demand. While demand for pre-rolled cones is at an all-time high, customers are facing trouble figuring out from where to buy RAW cones? Although the global pandemic has impacted many businesses, RAW continues to produce commodities to meet the demands of its devoted customers. It gives you the best quality of Marijuana packaging product.

The demand for pre-rolled joints has increased because harvesting, grinding, filtering, and packing for pre-roll joints and blunts have all become more automated because of new machines, lowering manpower expenses. One operator can produce thousands of pre-rolls in a single shift using these pre-roll machines. Customers are raving about the new small pre-rolled joints on the market, and it appears that this trend will continue.

Pre-Rolled cones have gained this popularity because-

  1. They save smokers’ tike as they are convenient and ready-made.
  2. Millennials and GenZ prefer convenience over customization when it comes to smoking cannabis.
  3. RAW Pre-rolled cones are a lot faster and easier to fill than regular rolling paper.
  4. It’s inconvenient and outdated to roll a joint.
  5. Pre-rolls are made from a mixture of unbleached fibers with a natural gum line.
  6. There is no additional chalk or dyes in RAW Rolling Papers.
  7. Unlike vapes, pre-rolls allow smokers to savor the taste and fragrance of cannabis.
  8. Vapes are harsher than pre-rolls.
  9. Dogwalkers, or miniature pre-rolls, are small and efficient, allowing smokers to receive a quick buzz before heading off to their work.
  10. In this pandemic, these tiny pre-rolls were efficient in smoking without sharing. As they can be easily consumed by one person, who wants 2-3 puffs.

It is because all these potency pre-rolls are causing RAW cones to fly off the shelves.

Moreover, Millennials and Gen Z are the largest cannabis consumers, and they value convenience above everything else. They are drawn to the pre-roll category since it is a format they are familiar with. The cannabis market is moving in the same route as the tobacco industry, which saw a revolution when individuals started buying pre-made rolls instead of rolling their own cigarettes.

Therefore, if you are in the mood to have a joint, do not roll it, look for RAW pre-rolled cones. 

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