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Rumors started circulating about the potential for a 'Pitch Perfect 4', but let's be real. Is there anyone who actually wants to see that?

Who in the world actually wants a ‘Pitch Perfect 4’?

Hollywood doesn’t know when to quit. Pitch Perfect was a huge franchise in the 2010s, spawning three hit films and setting the record for highest-grossing musical comedy of all time. It ran its natural course, and yet, comments by cast and crew members have led to speculation that there may be a Pitch Perfect 4 in the works.

Rebel Wilson posted a photo on Instagram of her and fellow castmates Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, and Chrissie Fit each holding up four fingers. Wilson also captioned the post with four hearts, causing fans to question whether she was teasing the return of the Barden Bellas on the big screen.

Sequel baiting

This is not the first time cast members have stated their desire to continue the franchise. Wilson told ITV that she would be willing to reprise her character several more times in 2017, and discussed the possibility of doing so with the other actresses. “When they put out the poster for Pitch Perfect 3 it said, ‘Last call, Pitches’ and we were like, ‘What, are we out of a job?’ We want to do four and five,” she revealed.

“There’s many other acapella teams to battle out there, I personally think, and I love playing my character,” Wilson continued. “She’s such a fun, confident girl and I want to definitely continue to play her more. We have so many fans all around the world.” Camp assured Entertainment Tonight that she would “be there” for Pitch Perfect 4 and Anna Kendrick told Entertainment Weekly that she’d be willing to do Pitch Perfect sequels “forever”.

Diminishing returns

A reunion sounds fun on paper, but the franchise’s diminishing returns suggest it may not be great in execution. Pitch Perfect 3 was a financial success in 2017, but it grossed a whopping $100 million less than its predecessor. The critical response was also weaker, with The Hollywood Reporter lambasting the film’s “crass commercialism” for sucking the charm out of the original premise.

Director Trish Sie told The Hollywood Reporter that she was considering future story ideas despite the underwhelming response to Pitch Perfect 3. “I think whether it’s these women in the next stage of life or it’s a new group of women going through these things, I think there are endless ways to chart the course of the girls’ lives and a woman’s life,” she claimed. Sie has not provided any updates on the sequel since 2018.

Second generation

Pitch Perfect 4 would also have to deal with the poor track record of fourth installments. Franchises that venture beyond the structure of a trilogy usually find themselves in hot water, whether it be through tepid box office or venomous reactions from fans. 

Batman & Robin (1997), Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), and Terminator: Salvation (2009) are just some of the fourth installments that soured the reputations of their predecessors. In all of these cases, the studios saw fit to recast or introduce new characters, much in the same way Sie discussed doing with Pitch Perfect 4.

Swan song

The odds of getting a Pitch Perfect 4 at this point are slim, especially given how little the cast knows about the current state of the film. Hailee Steinfeld appeared on an episode of Watch What Happens in 2019, and she admitted to being completely in the dark as to whether she would reprise her Pitch Perfect character. 

“I have no idea and I mean that truthfully,” Steinfeld revealed. “If [true], I would love to do that again. So, if there is a fourth, that would be news to me and very exciting news.” Despite the genuine enthusiasm of those involved, we really hope the Barden Bellas stay aca-retired.

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  • I believe the ones that want a Pitch Perfect 4, which includes myself, are the ones that finally want Beca and Chloe to get together since we were ultimately queer baited and Universal did a dirty by giving Chloe boring cisgender beef cake male love-interest instead. We Bechloe fans felt burned after the 3rd movie that we want a 4th movie to fix the last movie. Pitch Perfect has a big gay following and the 3red movie targeted the wrong audience. So yes count me in for a fourth installment IF they right thr wrongs of the last film and not let stupid male writers dismantle Kay Cannon’s vision by adding unnecessary male love interests that dont do anything to help the protagonists to develop.

    September 12, 2020
  • I believe the ones who want it are actually the fans of the movie. Okay…it didn’t make a ton of money at the theaters, but it does well in rentals and purchases. It’s a franchise that’s fun to watch, stupid at times, but fun to watch. I don’t know about the other commenter’s take on being “queer baited” I don’t see that at all, never got the feeling they were attracted….but whatever. I think it’s just because it does well in sales/rentals and there is still and audience for it.

    October 16, 2020
  • I would love to have a 4th movie, but only as long as it stays closer to the campy feel of the first two and doesn’t turn into an idiotic blockbuster wanna be movie like the third. The first two were heartfelt and funny, it didn’t need super-celebrity guests and all the sparkles and stuff it had. It would also keep it from from being expensive to make, making it a lot less risky to make as well. Personally, I’d also really like to see Chloe and Beca together, but even if they are not, I’d rather just keep it simple and about the bellas as a sisterhood (and hopefully no unnecessary outside love interests shoved in).

    October 24, 2020
  • I’d like to see another one UNLESS they force “Bechloe” on us…I don’t think Kay Cannon was trying to push lesbianism and I would rather see Beca and Jesse back together.Certainly no reason to go for exotic glitz,a TV a capella competition would be enough of a plotline to bring Bellas back together.

    October 26, 2020
  • Hai ragione, anch’io speravo la realizzazione del quarto film, specialmente perché Beca e Chloe possano diventare una coppia. La stessa Anna Kendrick ha dichiarato che desiderava che la cosa si realizzasse. Hanno girato anche una scena in cui Chloe e Beca si baciano, ma non l’hanno introdotta nel film.

    October 28, 2020
  • I would to see pitch perfect 4, and the most part is because i want that beca and chloe end up together. We Bechloe fans felt burned after the 3rd movie that we want a 4th movie to fix the last movie. I know that pitch perfect 3 was the worst movie of this saga, but pitch perfect 4 maybe can fix this horrible mistake. :)

    October 31, 2020
  • I would to see pitch perfect 4, and the most part is because i want that beca and chloe end up together.I know that pitch perfect 3 was the worst movie (Including that they put a nobody to Chloe) of this saga, but pitch perfect 4 maybe can fix this horrible mistake. :)

    October 31, 2020
  • well I really hope there’s a 4th one couse i miss the girls and the sexy look of ms.rebel wilson now that’s a big thing to me…

    November 9, 2020
  • Would love a fourth movie personally, preferably with Beca and Chloe as each other’s love interests too. That said, the most important thing would be to return to the roots and try to focus on the girls, not celebrity guest stars, and unnecessary action sequences.

    November 27, 2020
  • Yes I would love to see a fourth one ,the”Bella,s” are like family know . I love the whole gang , but a small crush on Kendra. “Becca “ my be the boys can come back in the forth. If they make it. ,I know it tough with the COVID going around . Maybe the title would be pitch perfect “The Bella,s “

    March 2, 2021
  • I would love to see a PP4. What a wonderful trilogy. It brings the best out of people. I don’t care how they do it. I just want to see the girls again, and hear that fantastic music and dance shows. A bit more sexy would be fun too, since they are all such beautiful girls, and in their 30’s now. Anna Camp and Brittany are my favorites. Ester Dean …. what a voice!, and what a presence!

    April 2, 2021

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