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Commemorate the iconic fashion designer Pierre Cardin by checking out some of his most extravagant garments.

RIP Pierre Cardin: Revisit his most outrageous career designs right here

This Tuesday, iconic Italian designer Pierre Cardin died at age 98. The couture designer became famous for pioneering and capitalizing on fashion, bringing it closer to the masses – which set him apart from haute couture designers.

Pierre Cardin was also famous for his “Space Age” designs, which made him a referent in the avant-garde movement. Bold patterns, creative use of materials, and unisex approach to fashion helped Cardin gain notoriety worldwide.

Film Daily pays homage to the creative genius with some of his boldest pieces to remind you of this true visionary. Here are some of Pierre Cardin’s biggest & boldest creations.

Asymmetric geometry

Pierre Cardin loved to base his designs on geometric shapes, while also playing with asymmetry. Here we see a rectangular dress that still accentuates the model’s waist with cutouts to provide texture and variety.

Vinyl extravaganza

Aside from its striking, uncommon triangular shape, Pierre Cardin made this design even bolder with unusual materials, adding a headpiece, and using in-your-face, bright colors.

Futuristic fashion

We can definitely see otherworldly elements in Pierre Cardin’s “Space Age” designs. He loved adding pops of color to draw attention to elements in an overall concept.

Winter wonderland

Pierre Cardin knew how to make refined statement pieces; here we have a clear example. The coat’s confection is heavenly, and the headpiece is eye-catching and thought-provoking.

60s future

Even though Pierre Cardin liked to play with bold shapes, he also incorporated the classic shapes of the decade and took them to the next level by adding other materials.


Pierre Cardin always used striking colors in addition to his extravagant designs. He wasn’t only focused on creating exaggerated shapes, but also on showcasing bold hues.

Unisex garments

Pierre Cardin knew how to create flattering, yet unusual, outfits for everybody and didn’t restrict himself by gender. His geometric designs with tons of color and inventive materials were intended to be worn by everyone.

Golden shapes

Asides from primary colors and black & white patterns, Pierre Cardin also created couture metallic garments. The circular sleeves on this dress are definitely on brand.


Pierre Cardin knew how to reinvent himself by taking a design and exploiting it to push the envelope as much as possible. Here we see a similar zig-zag pattern in a bolder color, but on a classical cut.


We’ve seen how Pierre Cardin included shapes in his designs by modifying the body’s silhouette. Another way he incorporated geometry was by using bold prints to create unique optical illusions.

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