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'Red Table Talk' got real this episode with Willow Smith & Paris Jackson talking about being in the spotlight. Discover secrets of life in the limelight.

What did Paris Jackson reveal in this Red Table Talk episode with Willow Smith?

Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson, sat down with musician Willow Smith to discuss what it’s like being the daughters of A-list celebrities. In the latest Red Table Talk episode, Jackson revealed she suffers from PTSD caused by paparazzi. 

Jackson & Smith detailed how they struggle with paranoia, anxiety, and trust issues as a result of constantly being in the spotlight. Jackson has even disclosed that she experiences “audio hallucinations and severe paranoia.”

Paris Jackson opens up about mental health

Red Table Talk is a show created by Willow Smith’s mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, where Jada & Willow have candid conversations with family & friends. In this episode of Red Table Talk, Willow sat down one-on-one with Paris Jackson to discuss a topic both know all too well. 

Jackson & Smith discussed the dark side of being children of world-famous celebrities. Paris Jackson revealed that she suffers from PTSD due to the invasive paparazzi, stating: “It’s always been pretty gnarly, my social anxiety. I don’t know if you get this too — I experience audio hallucinations sometimes of camera clicks, and severe paranoia.”

Jackson has even started going to therapy to help improve her mental health. “I’ve been going to therapy for a lot of things, but that included,” said Jackson. “I’ll hear, like, a trash bag rustling, and I’ll flinch and panic. It’s just standard PTSD,” she added. 

The twenty-three-year-old singer has even revealed that she tries not to go outside during the day in order to avoid attention. “It’s primarily if I’m out in public during the day”. she said. “I don’t really go out during the day.”

How PTSD affects her relationships

Due to constantly being surrounded by paparazzi, Paris Jackson discussed how her paranoia has strained her personal relationships. The singer stated: “I do catch it affecting my personal relationships, especially romantic relationships. PTSD can affect pretty much every aspect of your life.”

Jackson also explained the paranoia of revealing information to even close friends. Willow Smith agreed and related that she also suffers from this anxiety. “I definitely feel like in a lot of my personal relationships — mostly friendships — that I’m very paranoid about information,” said Willow. In response, Paris Jackson surprisingly revealed, “Everyone that walks into my house signs an NDA.”

The stress of upholding family reputations

The pressure of maintaining the image of her beloved late father must weigh heavy on Paris Jackson’s shoulders. “You have to sit up straight and act right, because if you don’t it not only reflects on your reputation, [but also] your family’s reputation . . . It does some serious shock,” she revealed in the episode.

Jackson also added: “It does a lot to your nervous system, because you’re constantly in fight or flight. You’re constantly walking on eggshells, constantly looking over your shoulder.”

She also worries that this trauma & stress will have a lasting effect on her mental health. The singer said, “I feel like there’s got to be some kind of permanent damage.”

Finding peace from close friends & therapy

Although she has been suffering greatly, Jackson divulged she has a few friends who she trusts completely. She stated, “[They’re] priceless. I hold onto that, and I don’t take it for granted.”

She also discussed how positive self affirmations have improved her self image. Despite her revealing that she’s “not even close” to loving herself, she said that positive self affirmations have helped her begin to realize her self-worth

Paris Jackson also talked about the release of her album Wilted in November 2020. Although she feels society’s pressure for her to live up to her father’s image, she revealed that she only cares for the opinion of her father. She stated, “I feel like my dad would be proud.”

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